Many thanks to Singer and to the UK owner of this won­der­ful ma­chine, for al­low­ing us a proper UK drive. To con­tact Singer go to:

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Good­wood is a great cir­cuit but one that de­mands re­spect, most cor­ners be­ing in the up­per reaches of fourth and fifth and well into three-fig­ure speeds but the tyre bar­ri­ers never far away. The Dorset com­mis­sion has been con­fig­ured for road use more than track but it’s far from em­bar­rassed. And from “the turn into the open­ing fourth-gear righthander at Madg­wick it’s clear the set-up’s bril­liance on the road trans­lates per­fectly to the track. There’s enough roll to sense the weight shifts but the over­all balance is flat and com­posed, the Oh­lins sup­port­ing the car when loaded up but main­tain­ing enough travel to deal with any mid-cor­ner bumps, too. It’s a fast cor­ner like this where you’d ex­pect to feel an older 911’s nose go a lit­tle light on turn-in but the con­sis­tent weight to the wheel in­di­cates the front axle has plenty of bite to spare and I could be on the power much, much ear­lier.

While I’m wary of those noise lim­its I fig­ure you only get one chance at some­thing like this and push harder into the up­per reaches of the rev range. It’s clear there’s more grip than power and it doesn’t dance on its tip toes like an older 911 on skin­nier tyres might. Frankly, given the speeds and the value of the car I’m happy enough with that, the plea­sure com­ing from keep­ing things neat and tidy, main­tain­ing the pre­ci­sion and rhythm of the gearshifts, de­light­ing in how the ped­als are per­fectly po­si­tioned to heel and toe and how in­stan­ta­neously the en­gine re­sponds to the throt­tle. Like any 911 this Singer restora­tion de­mands a de­gree of as­sertive­ness – bru­tal­ity even – to your in­puts but in re­turn re­wards your com­mit­ment with the kind of life-af­firm­ing driv­ing ex­pe­ri­ence no mod­ern car can match.

My time is up and I think it can’t get any bet­ter. But it can, the drive home along sun­dap­pled Sus­sex back roads prov­ing why this car is worth ev­ery penny its owner put into it. When the door of that lock-up even­tu­ally squeaks shut I know I’ve been for­tu­nate enough to en­joy a very spe­cial cou­ple of days and an in­cred­i­bly mem­o­rable 500 miles. It’s easy to lust af­ter Singer’s style. That there’s sub­stance to back it up proves this re­ally is a wor­thy cel­e­bra­tion of all that’s won­der­ful about the Porsche 911. And what I saw four years ago on that first visit to Singer’s work­shop all makes sense. PW

My time is up and I think it can’t get any bet­ter. But it can...

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