DEC 2002 (IS­SUE 105)

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Cayenne first drive! Now there’s a cov­er­line to il­licit a re­sponse from the Porsche faith­ful. First of the 911&PW crew to get be­hind the wheel was columnist and ex-porsche GB Press man, Michael Cot­ton, who was hap­pily con­vinced by the whole ex­pe­ri­ence pro­nounc­ing the Cayenne as a ‘proper’ Porsche and so out­ing him­self as some sort of heretic in the eyes of many. We jest, of course, but the truth is there re­main many that will never for­give Porsche for build­ing such a ma­chine, but then they prob­a­bly still feel the same about the 924 and any wa­ter-cooled 911. Truth is, the Cayenne is a deeply im­pres­sive ma­chine that needs to be driven to be ap­pre­ci­ated. Not only that, but Porsche had the ab­so­lute fore­sight to build it, too, and so get the jump on just about ev­ery other pre­mium man­u­fac­turer.

Now please don’t think I’m im­ply­ing any­thing here, but Keith Seume’s Carte Blanche col­umn cel­e­brated the joys of driv­ing an old Porsche as he and long term part­ner in crime, Del­wyn Mal­lett, made a now long for­got­ten jour­ney in Del­wyn’s 356 Speed­ster and Stream­liner duo to meet up with some other 356 own­ers. It rained, it was windy, the brakes didn’t work, they got wet, but ap­par­ently it was fun and no doubt char­ac­ter build­ing. These days they’re the first on the phone to the Porsche GB press of­fice for some­thing big and com­fort­able, when a long jaunt is in the off­ing!

Back to the front cover and we boasted of 15-pages of read­ers’ clas­si­fied ads. Of course the in­ter­net has dec­i­mated the clas­si­fied world. But flick­ing through, there was also a full page Tried & tested on a 911SC that I ac­tu­ally went to see for my­self and very nearly bought at £8000!

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