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Delu­sions of driv­ing grandeur are pretty much the norm. In­deed, it's been em­pir­i­cally proven that most peo­ple view their driv­ing skills as sig­nif­i­cantly above av­er­age, which ob­vi­ously isn't ac­tu­ally pos­si­ble. But such is the poor gen­eral stan­dard of driv­ing, those of us who take a keen in­ter­est in the craft of car ped­alling can all too eas­ily de­velop su­pe­ri­or­ity com­plexes. Very few peo­ple make a con­scious ef­fort to im­prove their driv­ing over time, af­ter all.

Speak­ing of 'craft', it was with some trep­i­da­tion that I re­cently em­barked upon a day's driver train­ing. While I too suf­fer from a deluded sense of per­sonal driv­ing prow­ess, I'm just self aware enough to know that's the case. I was also con­cerned that I was be­com­ing over con­fi­dent and car­ry­ing too much speed. More­over, I like­wise re­alised that I'd never had any for­mal on-road driver train­ing. Surely a sig­nif­i­cant over­sight for some­one for whom driv­ing con­sti­tutes not just a hobby but al­most a call­ing.

In the past, I'd been put off so-called ad­vanced driv­ing by virtue of what seemed to be ad­her­ence to overly dog­matic stric­tures such as sep­a­ra­tion of brak­ing and gear chang­ing. Af­ter all, heel and toe in a man­ual Porsche is one of the great driv­ing plea­sures. But when I stum­bled upon driv­ing in­struc­tor Rob Col­bourn, I thought I might have a so­lu­tion. Rob's tal­ents ex­tend fairly broadly, but he spe­cialises in train­ing Porsche own­ers and per­for­mance driv­ing so I was pretty sure I wasn't go­ing to be beaten about the head for us­ing a lit­tle over­lap.

So it proved. But what did I learn? If you've put a lot of time into polishing your car con­trol, a day of train­ing prob­a­bly won't revo­lu­tionise that as­pect of your driv­ing. How­ever, Rob did help me im­prove my aware­ness of how I was load­ing the car through cor­ners and how to add a fur­ther di­men­sion to con­trol­ling my pace with that load­ing.

In­evitably, the big­gest fac­tor in­volved ob­ser­va­tion. I've long been one who looks as far ahead as pos­si­ble and tries to read as many cues and clues as pos­si­ble. But a day with Rob will add ex­ten­sively to your toolkit and un­doubt­edly make you a bet­ter driver and bet­ter equipped to carry safe speed. It wasn't cheap, but it was worth it. To find out more, head for robert­col­bourn.co.uk

Of course we’re all ex­cel­lent driv­ers, but a bit of ex­tra tu­ition never hurts in the pur­suit of the driv­ing art

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