911 Porsche World - - Buyers’ Guide -

The tur­bos can leak if the wrong grade of en­gine oil has been used Check for oil leaks from all gas­kets, as air-cooled Porsche en­gines are known to leak A failed O2 sen­sor can make the en­gine run badly The rub­ber boots on the trans­mis­sion’s con­stant ve­loc­ity joints can per­ish and leak oil Steer­ing racks com­monly leak oil Lac­quer can peel from the brake calipers, leav­ing them un­sightly Cor­ro­sion at­tacks un­der the front and rear screens, and the door frames Failed in­te­rior elec­tri­cal switches can stay live and flat­ten the bat­tery Look at the side bol­sters on the driver’s seat on the door-side, as en­try/exit wears them

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