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AC­CRING­TON Mc­Don­ald’s re­opens after £700k up­grade. The restau­rant has taken on 15 ex­tra staff with more jobs com­ing up at Christ­mas (web­site Oc­to­ber 3).

Kara Eas­ton: Take a leaf out of NZ Mc­Don­ald’s. Bring back play ar­eas. Let kids be kids. Jas­mine Lawrence: It’s not about let­ting kids be kids.

Most chil­dren nowa­days have tablets and elec­tron­ics that run from the in­ter­net.

Tech­nol­ogy is ad­vanc­ing and our chil­dren are born into a gen­er­a­tion where it’s used on a day to day ba­sis.

No, chil­dren shouldn’t be placed in front of a telly or a games con­sole every­day all day, but if they don’t have ac­cess to any of the tech­nol­ogy how are they go­ing to keep up with school­ing and ev­ery­where else it’s be­ing used?

We can’t stop the world from chang­ing nor can we stop our chil­dren be­ing brought up in a world of in­ter­net and gad­gets. Bianca-Louise Bradley: We do not need ac­tiv­ity cen­tres at­tached to fast food places.

We have parks, play ar­eas, fields, chil­dren also do P.E at school and play out at home.

The ma­jor­ity of par­ents give their chil­dren healthy nu­tri­tious meals as well as the ones they re­ceive at school/ nurs­ery, as long as food places like this are a treat and not a reg­u­lar thing then there is noth­ing wrong with it. Carla Mclen­nan: White­birk Mc­Don­ald’s been like this for ages. It keeps the kids amused and quiet too so par­ents can eat in peace. Karen Ish­er­wood: These types of up­grades fill me with dread for so­ci­ety.

Kids us­ing zero ta­ble man­ners, mouths open star­ing at a screen, not hold­ing a con­ver­sa­tion and smear­ing germs. Casee Malakian Leigh: For 700k you can get ipads.

Snazzy news seats. An­other lane. For 2 mil­lion with the coun­cil you can get some paving stones. Tanya McShane: Sounds like it’s like the Mc­Don­ald’s in Fuerteven­tura where you can or­der your­self xx Mark Smolin­ski: This McDs is one of the last in the area to be up­graded to wel­come to the 21st cen­tury Ac­cring­ton. Court­ney Livesey: They’ve even up­graded the high chairs! Ge­or­gia Jor­dan: I don’t like the new high chairs. John Walm­s­ley: Only to or­der then they merge back to one so still takes as long to get through. Jas­mine Lawrence: The high chairs are well cute.

FILM to re­call the golden age of cricket in Lan­cashire. Stars such as Sir Viv Richards and Sir Wes Hall talk about their time in Ac­cring­ton (web­site Oc­to­ber 2)

Michael Robert Tay­lor: Oh, happy the day long ago when I watched the then Wes Hall bowl for Accy against Rish­ton! Only yes­ter­day, as I was shov­el­ling snow on the Cana­dian Prairies, did I re­call that amazing sum­mer day, and how he treated us kids like we were his own! Ni­co­las Quinn: Recorded but not watched yet.

DESSERTS and milk­shake bar could open in Ac­cring­ton. Amer­i­can 1950s-style bar ‘Swirlz’ wants to open on Black­burn Road (web­site Oc­to­ber 2)

K Alan Brunt: The whole town is in need of ur­gent re­gen­er­a­tion with new shops. I went in the town cen­tre three days ago and it was dead, loads of shops closed down, noth­ing for young peo­ple to do, noth­ing to at­tract any­one there.

Coun­cil needs to give their head a wob­ble. I say no to a milk­shake bar and yes to more mar­ket stalls, more clothes, food, and bou­tique shops. It all looks run down and a mess. Neil Mooney: You con­tra­dict your­self, you want some­thing for young peo­ple to do but don’t want a milk­shake bar that kids will use. Liz Lancs: Kids have been bored for decades. This sounds like a fab idea, ir­re­spec­tive of whether it’s aimed at teens or adults. Lynn Mur­ray: It doesn’t mat­ter how many mar­ket stalls or shops there are if no­body comes to shop in them and they have to close down. Ken Moss: We’ve had this con­ver­sa­tion be­fore, the money to do weed spray­ing, grass cut­ting and leaf clear­ance has been slashed al­most to noth­ing.

There used to be three weed sprays of the whole bor­ough every year, now there isn’t even enough to do one full one.

HBC has sub­sidised it this year to the tune of £25,000 and that is just not sus­tain­able.

LCC promised us the money back to restart next year and we’ve been of­fered around £7,000 which is nowhere near enough.

With £4.1m cuts to HBC by 2020 I will hap­pily lis­ten to any sug­ges­tions but so far there have been none. Be­fore the in­evitable com­ment, the money for the town cen­tre is Her­itage Lot­tery money, we don’t own the build­ings to drop the rents and we don’t have the power to force Pri­mark to open here.

The best way to im­prove Ac­cring­ton is to sup­port what is there, not run it down all over Face­book and keep peo­ple away. Alan Smithee: The road sweep­ers will keep the weeds down if you ac­tu­ally put de­ter­gent in them. It doesn’t take 25 grand; it doesn’t take spe­cial­ist teams of con­trac­tors; ev­ery­thing that is needed you al­ready have (and if you put de­ter­gent into the ma­chines it will also clean the filthy flags so that you won’t need to spend two mil­lion quid re­plac­ing them (just to let them get like that in 12 months be­cause you “haven’t got the money to keep them clean”). Paul Hewi­son: It’s an empty shop that is be­ing filled with a new busi­ness, good luck to him!

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