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IN its sim­plest form Eton mess is a dessert made by mash­ing fruits with cream and has now evolved with ad­di­tions of crum­bled meringue and liqueur.

But wait un­til you try this ver­sion; its quick, easy, chic and even fin­ished off with crum­bled hon­ey­comb to give it that ex­tra tof­fee crunch.


Two pun­nets fresh rasp­ber­ries Squeeze fresh lemon Ic­ing su­gar to taste 250ml whip­ping cream 25g ic­ing su­gar Four meringue nests crum­bled (bought from su­per­mar­ket)

Four tbsp of Grand Marnier

To Fin­ish:

Ad­di­tional fruit Fresh mint Hon­ey­comb chunks crum­bled


1. Take one pun­net of rasp­ber­ries and liq­uidise to a purée – pass through a sieve, then add the lemon and ic­ing su­gar to taste. 2. Whisk the whip­ping cream and su­gar to­gether un­til it forms soft peaks. 3. Take four Mar­tini glasses, ar­range some of the rasp­ber­ries in the base, driz­zle over the Grand Marnier then spoon on al­ter­nate lay­ers of the rasp­berry coulis, crum­bled meringue and whipped cream to cre­ate a lay­ered tri­fle look. 4. Fin­ish with some more whole fruit, mint and a show­er­ing of hon­ey­comb.

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