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We are fam­ily liv­ing in North Wilts and un­til re­cently, we have all been in­volved in archery, my son win­ning sev­eral county com­pe­ti­tions and be­com­ing a 2nd Class archer at a very young age. Due to an in­jury I can no longer do archery, so we de­cided as a fam­ily, to take up air ri­fle shoot­ing - in par­tic­u­lar HFT. I have con­tacted sev­eral clubs in and around Wilt­shire via tele­phone or email, and only one replied. They said, ‘no your son is too young to shoot’. He is 12 years old and he would be su­per­vised at all times by either my wife, who used to shoot at county level, or me. Your mag­a­zine ac­tively en­cour­ages the younger shooter, but the lo­cal clubs around here cer­tainly do not! What par­tic­u­larly an­noys us is the lack of re­sponse to a re­quest for fur­ther de­tails about the par­tic­u­lar club con­tacted. I run a club web­site and make a point of re­ply­ing and en­cour­ag­ing new­com­ers, but that’s not the case, it seems, with shoot­ing clubs. The clubs are los­ing out, and the sport as a whole will suf­fer not only from a lack of younger par­tic­i­pants, but it could also en­cour­age young (and some older) peo­ple to shoot with­out the proper train­ing and guid­ance and prob­a­bly dan­ger­ously. The hue and cry from re­spon­si­ble shoot­ers is that this mi­nor­ity spoil it for the rest and gives the law mak­ers greater grounds with which to re­strict the sport even more. Would it not be more sen­si­ble for lo­cal gun clubs to wel­come par­tic­i­pants of all ages to en­sure that proper train­ing and guid­ance is avail­able, there­fore cut­ting down on the rogue mi­nor­ity? I hope you will print this let­ter be­cause I am sure that we are not the only fam­ily with an ac­tive young­ster who want to shoot le­gally and learn to be re­spon­si­ble around air ri­fles, who are also run­ning into brick walls and feel­ing ex­as­per­ated. Brian Tan­ner

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