The ed­i­tor en­joys us­ing some fine binoc­u­lars from Hawke

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Binoc­u­lars will en­hance your shoot­ing ex­pe­ri­ence, says, Phill Price as he tries out the En­durance, from Hawke

Iknow I’ve said this many times be­fore, but I truly be­lieve that us­ing binoc­u­lars will make you a more suc­cess­ful hunter. They needn’t be large or ex­pen­sive, but they do need good op­ti­cal per­for­mance be­cause the point is to be able to see our quarry well be­fore it can see us, so that we can plan our ap­proach to our ad­van­tage. I find a spec­i­fi­ca­tion around 8 x 40 gives me the right com­bi­na­tion of per­for­mance and light weight that suits my needs.

Hawke Sport Op­tics has been a stal­wart of the airgun scene for decades, and their 8 x 42 En­durance ED looked right up my street, so I asked for a pair to re­view. At just 625 grammes, they’re com­mend­ably light so I didn’t end up with neck strain from car­ry­ing them for four hours. I was stunned to learn that they use a mag­ne­sium al­loy chas­sis, which is a fea­ture nor­mally only found on much more ex­pen­sive bins’. They wear green rub­ber ar­mour to pro­tect them from knocks and to of­fer good grip, too.

Fully ad­justable

Diop­tre ad­just­ment is made by turn­ing a col­lar around the top of the right bar­rel be­low the ad­justable eye cup. This was very stiff, but I ex­pect that’s in­ten­tional, but once you have it set for your eyes, you won’t need to move it again. Be­cause I wear glasses, I turned the eye cups down by ro­tat­ing them clock­wise and was able to get the full field of view eas­ily.

The ED part of the name stands for ‘ Ex­tra-low Dis­per­sion’ glass, which tells us that it’s of a very high qual­ity and this cer­tainly showed in the im­age I saw. I found the colour ren­di­tion ex­cel­lent, even when I used a load of tester’s dirty tricks to try to find fault. As I watched birds in the woods,

I was able to see their colours very well and I no­ticed no dis­cern­able dis­tor­tion un­til I got right to the edge of the im­age. Even small tufts of squir­rel fur stood out well in the win­ter woods. I com­pared the En­durance to my stupidly ex­pen­sive Ger­man bins’ and, in good light, they were pretty nearly as good as a pair that cost ten times as much. Now that’s im­pres­sive – and it goes to show just how far op­tics have come in re­cent years.


Er­gonom­i­cally, I found them spot on, very com­fort­able to use and would have no hes­i­ta­tion in tak­ing these on any hunt­ing trip. I rec­om­mend buy­ing your­self a pair of binoc­u­lars if you’re a hunter, and I can heartily rec­om­mend these. They’re su­perb value for money, have great op­ti­cal qual­ity and are light and com­pact. These are first­class op­tics, in my view, and well worth find­ing for a bet­ter look.

Good binoc­u­lars will in­crease your bag, I guar­ant­tee it!

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