Jane Price adds a French style to our beloved wood­pi­geon

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Jane Price goes Gal­lic in the kitchen with a clas­sic French dish - and a Span­ish twist

Re­cently, I was chat­ting to my fab­u­lous French friend, Ce­cile, about cook­ing pi­geon and she said in France a pop­u­lar meal is Pi­geon Petit-Pois, which in case you need me to trans­late is pi­geon with peas. Talk­ing of trans­la­tions she also told me a funny story from when she first moved to the UK and went to do her weekly shop in an English su­per­mar­ket for the first time. Need­ing some in­gre­di­ents for a soup recipe she tried out her English on a shop as­sis­tant, ex­plain­ing that she was look­ing for lit­tle pieces of bread that had been fried and would be eaten with soup. The as­sis­tant took a mo­ment, and then said, “Oh, you mean crou­tons!” Clas­sic. We all have a few French words in our vo­cab­u­lary but our French friends wouldn’t know which ones.

It’s great that we can in­clude in­flu­ences from other parts of Europe in our food and hav­ing such a good friend as Ce­cile in my life makes me ap­pre­ci­ate the in­flu­ence of Euro­pean and other cul­tures in our so­ci­ety. It’s our dif­fer­ences that make our friend­ship fun and I love Ce­cile for her great sense of hu­mour.

As the wife of a hunter, I do cook and eat

pi­geon on a reg­u­lar ba­sis and some­times it’s not easy to think of some­thing new, so it’s good to have an­other recipe to add to my reper­toire – there I go with the French again! This recipe only takes a few min­utes to cook and uses a few sim­ple in­gre­di­ents – although at time of writ­ing there is a let­tuce short­age due to bad weather in Spain, so per­haps this isn’t the ideal time to of­fer this par­tic­u­lar recipe!

I have adapted this dish from the French ver­sion, by adding a Span­ish twist - chorizo in­stead of lar­dons, which is per­sonal choice and adds a spicy edge to the dish, which I think works very well. I have also added the wine to help steam the let­tuce, and know­ing Ce­cile as I do, she would def­i­nitely ap­prove of that.

Wood­pi­geon with added ooh-la-la

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