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The ed­i­tor models the lat­est Pen­tagon Ranger trousers from Mil­i­tary 1st

Try­ing to find suit­able trousers for hunt­ing is some­thing I find dif­fi­cult. Many hunt­ing trousers are very thin and light, and that’s nice for the sum­mer, but way too chilly for the win­ter. I don’t wear water­proof trousers very of­ten be­cause I find them too sweaty and of­ten re­stric­tive. I want fab­ric about as thick as denim for some in­su­la­tion and pro­tec­tion, but not made from pure cot­ton that ab­sorbs wa­ter and re­mains cold and clammy all day.

Dig­ging around in the Mil­i­tary 1st web­site, which I rec­om­mend to ev­ery­body, by the way, I came across the Ranger ‘pants’ from Pen­tagon Tac­ti­cal Sports­wear. They’re made from 60% polyester, 37% cot­ton, 3% elas­tane in a rip­stop fab­ric. Some­thing with a bit of stretch ap­pealed to me, so that when I’m crouching or crawl­ing they won’t be re­stric­tive. I have to say that I was stag­gered by the num­ber of pock­ets they have, un­til I read that they’re based on trousers worn by emer­gency med­i­cal staff, who of­ten have to work crouching down, and hav­ing pock­ets on the front of their thighs makes per­fect sense so that they can ac­cess vi­tal kit quickly. I par­tic­u­larly like the fact that the fab­ric is dou­ble thick­ness over the knees, of­fer­ing some com­fort when I’m crawl­ing to­ward my quarry.


The cut and fit looks odd on a coat hanger, but makes per­fect sense once you have them on. All sorts of ex­tra in­set pan­els and strange-shaped ar­eas add up to hu­man­form cloth­ing that puts per­for­mance be­fore looks, and I found them com­fort­able from the minute I put them on. The num­ber of pan­els and shapes is quite be­wil­der­ing and they all pay off when it comes to fit. I don’t like baggy, flappy trousers. I pre­fer a neat cut, but one that al­lows full free­dom of move­ment, which is a tricky bal­ance to cre­ate. The Ranger pants use high-tech de­sign and stretch fab­ric to reach this elu­sive goal.

The cat­a­logue de­scribes the colour as camo green, and it’s a slightly odd blue/ green in my eyes, but per­fectly us­able all the same. I don’t tend to worry much about camo on my legs any­way. The fab­ric was thick enough to keep a zero de­gree day at bay whilst I was on the move, and never felt sweaty on warmer days.

Time will tell just how hard-wear­ing the Pen­tagon Ranger pants are, but they cer­tainly feel ro­bust, with triple stitch­ing on all high-stress ar­eas and a fab­ric that, so far, looks un­touched by sev­eral trips into the field. I’ll be giv­ing mine a hard time this win­ter into spring be­cause I feel they’re just what I’ve been look­ing for.

Clever de­sign and stretch fab­ric make these durable trousers com­fort­able as well

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