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I read part 2 of your ‘En­durance Test’ of the Hawke scope, when you men­tioned how you weren’t that keen on fine ret­i­cles, and it brought to mind my first ex­pe­ri­ence of us­ing one.

I’d re­cently in­vested in a Hawke Air­max and the etched glass ret­i­cle was a good deal finer than I’d been used to. Not sure whether or not I’d made the right de­ci­sion in choos­ing it, I nev­er­the­less set about ze­ro­ing it at 22 yards on my Ul­tra­max. How­ever, I soon be­came ac­cus­tomed to the ret­i­cle and af­ter achiev­ing my zero in what was a sur­pris­ingly (for me!) short space of time, through the scope, I no­ticed a lazy fly set­tle on my tar­get.

I watched as it slowly de­scended to the ‘5 o’clock’ po­si­tion on the tar­get, not at all ob­scured due to that fine ret­i­cle and couldn’t re­sist send­ing a .22 Air Arms Di­ablo Field to­ward the spot. Hav­ing kept my eye glued to the scope’s eye­piece, I ex­pe­ri­enced a Vic­tor Mel­drew mo­ment. That fa­mous phrase, ‘I don’t be­lieve it!’, hardly cov­ered my feel­ings when I saw that my pel­let had ac­tu­ally splat­ted that fly! If I’d been us­ing my old scope, its thick ret­i­cle lines would have given the fly some pro­tec­tive cover and I wouldn’t have been able to track its progress across the tar­get so well. So for all of us fly hun­ters out there, a fine ret­i­cle is the way to go! I re­turned home and proudly showed my wife the tar­get, in­di­cat­ing the re­mains of the fly that at­tested to my deadly ac­cu­racy. “Very clever, Stephen,” she said. “Shame it isn’t some­thing like a pi­geon that we could eat!” Women! Stephen Davies

Hello Stephen I have to con­fess to hav­ing shot a few flies in my time un­der sim­i­lar cir­cum­stances. I’m not sure it counted as pest con­trol, de­spite my dis­like of flies buzzing around our house, but I did find it sat­is­fy­ing to shoot so ac­cu­rately at a pest. Ed

I like this ret­i­cle, but not ev­ery­body feels the same

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