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I just bought your March is­sue, had a quick look through and was look­ing for­ward to a good read later, as al­ways. As a new owner of a PCP air ri­fle - I’ve only owned springers in the past - I have a lit­tle bit of ad­vice, and a ques­tion. I pur­chased a new 4-litre dive bot­tle for my gun and there’s noth­ing wrong with it. It does the job super- easy, but I re­ally didn’t need it. If only I had asked Air Gun­ner mag’, and your read­ers, first. As with all dive bot­tles I need to have it re­filled,

and have it tested ev­ery five years. Why didn’t I con­tact you first? There’s no fool like an old fool. I’ve just re­ceived a birth­day present of a stir­rup pump. I am 61 years of age, 11 stone wring­ing wet, and this pump, as I imag­ine all modern stir­rup pumps are, is so easy to use. Dive bot­tles are good, but you’re tied to a fill­ing sta­tion for­ever, and these stir­rup pumps re­quire no real phys­i­cal ef­fort, to do the same job. What do you think? My stir­rup pump comes with a mois­ture trap and valve, that you can crack open and fill with dry gran­ules that you can pur­chase

on­line. Ques­tion: Can I fit a mois­ture trap or valve in­line from a dive bot­tle to a gun? Tosh

Hello Tosh If I un­der­stand your ques­tion cor­rectly, the an­swer is that there is no need. The air that a dive shop fills your bot­tle with is al­ready fil­tered and dried. I have to say that your ex­pe­ri­ence of pumps and mine dif­fer greatly. I find them a pretty good work­out and that I need a good rest be­tween fill­ing a gun and start­ing to shoot again. Ed.

The air the your dive shop puts into your tank will be to­tally clean and dry

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