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Also on the High­land Out­doors stand we saw two new Colt 1911-style, BB-fir­ing, Co2 pis­tols. Ap­par­ently Max Michel is a big star in the USA and has a loyal fol­low­ing. His pis­tol had all the sexy up­grades you find on any cus­tom 191, adding to its good looks and han­dling. The sec­ond one had ‘molon labe’ writ­ten along the slide and grips which means ‘come and take them’. Ac­cord­ing to folk­lore, when Xerxes, King of Per­sia, de­manded that the Spar­tans put down their weapons they re­sponded ‘molon labe’ – come and take them. It was fin­ished in a highly un­usual brown, and had a Spar­tan hel­met printed on the grips to com­plete the look. We’re not sure if they’ll be com­ing to the UK, so watch this space.

This cus­tom Co2 pis­tol from SIG had an un­usual fin­ish

This Max Michel cus­tom Co2 pis­tol looked great

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