Some­times you just need the right tool, the ed­i­tor tells us

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Phill Price finds a first-class piece of kit at a bar­gain price - ef­fi­cient, good­look­ing and cheap!

With all the spring growth around my shoot I was be­gin­ning to strug­gle to get to some favourite spots, and my hide was full of net­tles. I own a short ma­chete, but I usu­ally end up get­ting badly stung when I use it and I needed some­thing bet­ter so I had a look at the Blades and Bows web­site. They have a great rep­u­ta­tion for of­fer­ing ex­cel­lent value for money and, by luck, they’d just had some new ma­chetes in that looked like they could be the an­swer to my prob­lem. There are six in the PBK range and a choice of lengths and styles.

I par­tic­u­larly no­ticed the ones with the cut­lass-style han­dles. Blades and Bows tell me that these are the hot-sell­ing items be­cause peo­ple like the ex­tra pro­tec­tion for their fin­gers when hack­ing through brush and net­tles. The blades range from 13¾ to 20½”, all of which are much longer then my old one. Things were look­ing good!

There’s a good choice of han­dle shapes and ma­te­ri­als be­sides the syn­thetic cut­lassstyle men­tioned; a very tra­di­tional, wooden one, plus some with high-tech ABS han­dles over-moulded with rub­ber. I par­tic­u­larly like the last type which I found sup­port­ive and grippy, even when my hand was sweaty.

Thick and strong

I had no con­cern about the blades be­ing dam­aged be­cause they’re 3mm thick, full tang 3cr13MoV stain­less, and have a good heft when swung. Some have a brushed fin­ish, whilst oth­ers have a black, anti- cor­ro­sion fin­ish and as if that were not enough choice, there are sev­eral blade shapes too.

I chose the Sport Ma­chete be­cause it looked like the tool for me, and for the next cou­ple of trips to the farm I car­ried it in its syn­thetic sheath, on my belt. Any plant that had the cheek to stand in my way felt the keen edge near it base, and I soon had paths cleared and hor­ri­ble things like bram­bles were cut down to size. I made a point of giv­ing it a good wipe down with light oil af­ter­wards be­cause all that sticky sap soon builds up and it can be a bug­ger to get off later.

The ic­ing on the cake here is the price; even the very most ex­pen­sive ones are just £14.99, and I se­ri­ously can­not un­der­stand how

“The ic­ing on the cake here is that even the very most ex­pen­sive ones cost just £ 14.99”

they make a liv­ing sell­ing them so cheaply. How­ever, it’s good for us be­cause we can get de­cent, work­ing tools for the cost of a round of drinks, and that has to be a win­ner.

This is only part of the range of PBK ma­chetes

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