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The ed­i­tor is frus­trated by the de­lay in this year’s wheat har­vest

As ever, peo­ple are com­plain­ing about the Bri­tish weather be­cause it’s not like the Mediter­ranean. They de­mand clear blue skies and con­stant 35° or it’s sim­ply not good enough and the UK is ‘rub­bish’. Well, I dis­agree. I like the fact that we have var­ied weather and sure, rainy days aren’t the best, but to live in a truly green and pleas­ant land you need wa­ter for the plants to grow.

I will con­fess to be­ing frus­trated about the late­ness of the wheat har­vest this year caused by poor weather. Every time I hear that the com­bine har­vesters are com­ing I start men­tally pack­ing the car with de­coys, nets and a ri­fle to take ad­van­tage of that short win­dow when the pi­geons swarm the fields mak­ing the most of all that spilled grain that makes such a wel­come meal for them. I find this the most ex­cit­ing time to hunt be­cause my eyes scan the sky to see which birds are drawn to the de­coys, and which will land long enough for me to take a shot. See­ing a bird tip its wings and come my way gets my heart rac­ing every time.

I also have a young labrador, Joe, who needs some good solid prac­tice on warm birds to help get him ready for the game sea­son, which is all too close. We’ll soon be work­ing in front of all those eyes, and I’d like to do a good job, which is tough with a young­ster. On top of th­ese rea­sons, I like to eat pi­geon the most, of all our quarry species, and fill­ing the freezer at this time of year is an op­por­tu­nity too good to miss. Now, where are those com­bine har­vesters?

This is the clos­est Joe and I have got to the pi­geons so far this har­vest


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