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Peo­ple of­ten ask me what other gear I use, what do I not show read­ers and why do I use that? Since I have been writ­ing for Air Gun­ner mag­a­zine I have had the plea­sure to try out a lot of kit, in­clud­ing ri­fles, scopes, cloth­ing and lug­gage. Much of this gear would nor­mally have been out of my price range, so it has given me the op­por­tu­nity to com­pare it with the more af­ford­able items that I use – and this is what I want to show you this month. The ru­mour is that we writ­ers only give good re­views be­cause we get to keep the gear, but this is not true be­cause most of the items that I get go back to the man­u­fac­turer. I would rather send things back and not re­view it at all if it’s not some­thing I would use my­self, so in this month’s fea­ture you will see gear that I would def­i­nitely use, and you won’t need to break the bank to get most of it.


We’ll start off with a gun bag from Scott Coun­try. I was on the look­out for a bag that I could use for two ri­fles be­cause I shoot both sub-12 ft.lbs. and FAC air ri­fles, and I some­times take both of them out with me. Much of my shoot­ing is done prone from a small blind, so when I take both ri­fles with me I can range my dis­tances, and if a shot presents it­self fur­ther than I would be com­fort­able tak­ing with the 12 ft.lbs., .177, I will use the FAC .22. This makes car­ry­ing the equip­ment and ri­fles a bit of a haul but the Can­nae Triplex Acies bag gave me an op­por­tu­nity to find out if I could make it a bit eas­ier. The bag re­tails for around £130, which is quite ex­pen­sive for a gun bag, and I wouldn’t have looked at it, but when I ac­tu­ally saw what you get for the money, I wanted to save up for one.

The Can­nae Triplex Acies is made of the finest ma­te­ri­als, and de­signed to cre­ate the ul­ti­mate tac­ti­cal gun bag, as used by Spe­cial Forces. There is plenty of room for all your ri­fles, ammo, tac­ti­cal gear, and range kit, and it’s just what I’ve been look­ing for. It will ac­com­mo­date all mod­ern air ri­fles; it is 44 inches long and if you have a ri­fle with a sound mod­er­a­tor, the Triplex Acies has a con­ceal­able case ex­ten­sion to in­cor­po­rate the added length of your ri­fle AND mod­er­a­tor.

The ri­fle bag comes stan­dard with a shoul­der car­ry­ing-strap and a built-in, con­ceal­able shoul­der har­ness. When car­ry­ing the bag con­tain­ing two ri­fles, I will al­ways hold it with my arm un­der­neath, or have a grip on the han­dles; there is prob­a­bly no need, but the clips are plas­tic and with two ex­pen­sive, heavy ri­fles in there, it gives me peace of mind. I am not go­ing to drop them if the worst should hap­pen.


The bag is made of Cor­dura ny­lon. Its di­men­sions are 44” Lx 4” H x 13.5” W and it weighs in at around 5lbs. The buck­les are made from strong Du­raflex, but as I said ear­lier, peace of mind will make you

grip the han­dles on a longer walk with two ri­fles in the bag. It has a full-length zip so you can get good ac­cess to both ri­fles, and it is very well con­structed. There are many pock­ets for stor­age, which con­tain so many lit­tle com­part­ments that you can fit mag­a­zines, pel­let tins, tar­gets, and your first-aid kit in with ease – you could prob­a­bly fit in a three- course meal if you were plan­ning an all- day hunt! I still look at it some­times and think, ‘does this re­ally have to cost so much?’ but then I think of the num­ber of gun bags I have bought over the years that haven’t lasted, and then re­alise that yes – it does. .

Now for the other end of the mar­ket. I also wanted a new bag for the Gala­had. There is no point in hav­ing a gun bag for a sin­gle ri­fle, that is 10 inches too long and looks cum­ber­some for such a short gun, so the bag I chose for this sit­u­a­tion was the Viper tac­ti­cal, mul­ti­ple gun car­rier. This only holds one bullpup-sized ri­fle, but it also has enough com­part­ments for ev­ery­thing you will need to take with you. The main com­part­ment has a padded foam in­te­rior and in­cludes a pis­tol com­part­ment that you would use for other small items. You also get the ex­tend­ing ri­fle com­part­ment, if you have a longer si­lencer on your bullpup.

It is made from 600D polyester, and in­cludes a full-length zip and shoul­der strap. Its size is 86cm x28cm x5cm and it comes in black, coy­ote and V Cam colours. This is also a well-made bag and re­tails for around £ 60, but I have found it cheaper on the ‘net at dif­fer­ent out­lets. It’s the per­fect bag for any small ri­fle at an af­ford­able price tag.


Now for an item that I have been us­ing a lot lately. This is def­i­nitely a bar­gain base­ment bit of kit that will get you plenty of quarry at night, as well as when shoot­ing with it in the day­time. As you will have seen, I have been us­ing some neat new gear for af­ter­dark shoot­ing. The new Yukon Pho­ton that I liked, and the older Pul­sar dig­i­tal units that I use reg­u­larly are all great bits of kit, but they come with a price tag that many of you guys wouldn’t want to shell out for a bit of night-time shoot­ing. This kit also takes one of your ri­fles away from you be­cause it will be ded­i­cated to that scope. We also have the Nite­sight units that help in this sit­u­a­tion of keep­ing your ri­fles with a day scope, but it’s still ex­pen­sive kit. So, I have found a lit­tle com­pany who make a unit that works in a sim­i­lar way to a Nite­sight, in prin­ci­ple, but at a frac­tion of the cost. This homemade type of unit is not the best

made in the world, but af­ter look­ing at the main ma­te­ri­als used, you’ll see that you are get­ting a good piece of kit for silly money.


When I re­ceived the kit, I was sur­prised at what I got for the £125 price tag. There was a TV screen that fixes to a sup­plied torch and scope mount, to­gether with a very good cam­era that at­taches to the rear of your scope via a piece of rub­ber hose. A small IR torch was also in the kit with bat­tery and charger, and there’s a bat­tery holder that at­taches to your ri­fle’s cheek piece. When I first tried to set up the kit, I had to fo­cus the cam­era to the scope by turn­ing the front piece of the cam­era lens – this took about five sec­onds. You then fit the tube onto the cam­era and push it onto the eye piece of the scope. The fid­dli­est part is fit­ting the torch and mount on the scope be­cause there are so many screws, but you get used to it. The one prob­lem I had was that I use 30mm scopes so I had to im­pro­vise be­cause the mount is 25mm, but oth­er­wise this kit is set up in no time. I was very sur­prised at the clar­ity of the pic­ture on the screen; I have seen homemade kits a lot worse, at dou­ble the price, that give you a very poor grainy pic­ture even in day­light shoot­ing. This kit also lets you record what you shoot bu us­ing an ex­ter­nal DVR if you have one.


When I took this kit out, I did make a cou­ple of changes to what is sup­plied, but that was for my own ben­e­fit. I used a dif­fer­ent bat­tery pack and this saved us­ing the butt pouch and 8AA bat­ter­ies for the pack that was sup­plied. I used a dif­fer­ent mount be­cause I didn’t have a 30mm to use for the screen, but apart from that I was over the moon at what this unit de­liv­ered. When us­ing it for the first time, I had rab­bits, pi­geons, and more rab­bits at night us­ing the sup­plied IR. This unit is from http://www.snipers­ and they do other units for longer range shoot­ing, too.

Af­ter us­ing this equip­ment for some time now, my fi­nal ver­dict is that it’s a great lit­tle unit for the price. They could use bet­ter pieces of tub­ing to at­tach the cam­era to your scope, bet­ter mount­ing at­tach­ment and bat­tery pack, but this all adds up and makes a prod­uct more ex­pen­sive. These guys are shoot­ers like us, and like us they want some­thing af­ford­able for ev­ery­one. I would def­i­nitely sup­port any­one who wants that!


www.snipers­ rat­ter scope NV £125 www.viper­tac­ti­cal­ mul­ti­ple-gun- car­rier.html £ 62 www.scottcoun­ cloth­ing-an­dac­ces­sories/can­nae-triplex-acies-3-ri­fle­bag/£139.99

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