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News from Daystate is a new bi­pod sys­tem now avail­able. It is made in the style of the pop­u­lar At­las model, and comes com­plete with a fe­male Pi­catinny rail fit­ment, as well as a sling swivel stud adap­tor to en­able it to fit to ri­fles that do not have a Pi­catinny (20mm) front rail, but do have a front sling swivel stud fit­ted. This means that al­most any­body can use this ex­cel­lent bi­pod; Daystate’s Pul­sar and Bro­cock’s Compatto are ob­vi­ous can­di­dates. The new bi­pod is priced at £ 80 and can be bought from your lo­cal Daystate stock­ist. In case of dif­fi­culty con­tact sales@ or visit the Daystate web­store at web­store.html

Daystate’s new bi­pod is ideal for ri­fles like the Pul­sar

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