105 Phill Price tries out the new PPQ pis­tol from Walther

The edi­tor tests a new D/A pis­tol from the Walther PP se­ries

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Ihave to say up front that I knew noth­ing of the Walther PPQ be­fore I saw it on the Armex web­site, which is why I asked for a test sam­ple. It just looked in­ter­est­ing and when I was told that Walther was of­fer­ing a bolt- on sight rail, I was even keener. The PPQ firearm is a typ­i­cal mod­ern 9mm ‘duty’ pis­tol with a poly­mer frame and a striker fir­ing sys­tem. The pis­tol on test repli­cates the 4” ver­sion of the 9mm ac­tion but does not at­tempt to use the trig­ger safety found on the firearm.

De­spite its chunky looks, I found it quite a small pis­tol bet­ter suited to small and medium sized hands than those with big paws. The reach to the trig­ger blade in par­tic­u­lar is quite short de­spite the hand­fill­ing grip. It utilises Walther’s ex­cel­lent 8-shot ro­tary mag­a­zine sys­tem that I know so well from my IPAS com­pe­ti­tion days. In my ex­pe­ri­ence, it’s very re­li­able as well as be­ing durable. I have some mag’s that must have fired thou­sands of pel­lets yet they look like new. Bet­ter still, it uses proper lead pel­lets that gen­er­ate max­i­mum muz­zle en­ergy and best ac­cu­racy, to boot. On that sub­ject, I was able to get 1” groups at 6 yards with­out any par­tic­u­lar ef­fort at all.


Of course, this was, helped by the En­field re­flex sight, mounted on the clever rail. Hav­ing a clear and well-de­fined aim point is much eas­ier than us­ing tra­di­tional post and notch open sights, even the en­hanced ones fit­ted to the PPQ. Armex pointed out that the open sights can still be used with the scope rail fit­ted, but I’d say only just as the front sight is fully en­closed and shaded by the rail.

Load­ing a CO2 cap­sule is made easy by the flip- open back strap, and a turn buckle that is used to pres­surise the bulb against the pierc­ing probe. No tools are needed at all to load this gun.

Be­cause this is a dou­ble-ac­tion only trig­ger it was un­sur­pris­ingly long and heavy, but it had an un­usual char­ac­ter­is­tic in that it starts out heavy, goes light and then heavy again. I learned to over­come the start­ing pres­sure, pass gen­tly through the light area and then use the fi­nal higher pres­sure like the se­cond stage of a ri­fle trig­ger. Once I had the knack, I was able to get the good groups that a pel­let firer from Walther is renowned for, with­out much ef­fort at all. If you’re look­ing for a new pis­tol that none of your gun club mates own then try a PPQ and know that you’ll like it just as much as I did.

This is how the kit comes. Just add the CO2 and pel­lets

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