Air Gunner - - Safety First -

1. Never point you airgun at any­thing that you don’t in­tend to shoot.

You NEVER point your air ri­fle at your mates when play­ing cow­boys and in­di­ans, EVER.

2. Al­ways treat an airgun as though it were loaded. De­velop an aware­ness of where the bar­rel is point­ing, and en­sure that it is al­ways aim­ing in a safe di­rec­tion – to­ward the ground.

Safe gun han­dling comes from a state of mind in which you have a con­stant aware­ness of where the bar­rel is point­ing, with­out con­scious ef­fort. This isn’t some­thing you can achieve sim­ply by read­ing about it; you have to de­velop the aware­ness by keep­ing it at the fore­front of your mind when­ever you have the airgun in your pos­ses­sion, un­til it be­comes se­cond na­ture.

3. Do not load your airgun un­til you are ready to fire it and are sure that the shot will be safe.

A sig­nif­i­cant pro­por­tion of airgun ac­ci­dents oc­cur when the per­son in con­trol of the airgun wrongly be­lieves it to be un­loaded, usu­ally af­ter it was loaded in the vague an­tic­i­pa­tion of a shot that was not taken. If you load your airgun and don’t take the ex­pected shot, dis­charge it in a safe di­rec­tion, prefer­ably into the ground a min­i­mum of seven yards in front of you.

4. Never rely on a safety catch to make an airgun ‘safe’.

Safety mech­a­nisms are me­chan­i­cal de­vices that can and do fail. The ONLY way to make a loaded airgun safe is to dis­charge it in a safe di­rec­tion, such as into the ground. 5. Never put a loaded airgun down. Al­ways safely dis­charge your airgun be­fore putting it down to en­sure that it can­not be fired. 6. Never leave your airgun unat­tended. You can never be sure who might pick it up.

7. On pick­ing up an airgun, the first thing to do is to make sure it’s un­loaded.

Even if it’s your own gun, and you checked it was un­loaded be­fore putting it down. Get into the habit of check­ing, just in case some­one else has loaded it whilst your back was turned.

8. Be­fore pulling the trig­ger, con­sider where the pel­let might travel if you miss the tar­get, or if it is a through-and-through shot, don’t shoot un­less the shot is per­fectly safe in all cir­cum­stances.

A pel­let can travel hun­dreds of yards, so look be­yond the tar­get to en­sure that the shot will be safe. Also con­sider the pos­si­bil­ity of a ric­o­chet, which changes the di­rec­tion and el­e­va­tion of the pel­let’s travel.

Never point a ri­fle at any­body, even if it isn’t loaded, like this one

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