Air Gunner - - Safety First -

1. Never al­low your trig­ger fin­ger to touch the trig­ger dur­ing load­ing.

2. Keep the muz­zle point­ing in a safe di­rec­tion dur­ing load­ing.

The muz­zle is the front end of the bar­rel. When clos­ing a break-bar­rel airgun af­ter load­ing the pel­let, hold the bar­rel so that it is point­ing to­ward the ground, and raise the rear of the gun to close the breech, rather than swing­ing the bar­rel up.

3. Never rely on an ‘anti beartrap’ mech­a­nism.

Anti-bear trap mech­a­nisms are de­signed to pre­vent the spring airgun from dis­charg­ing whilst the cock­ing lever is in the open po­si­tion, but like safety catches, they are me­chan­i­cal de­vices and can and do fail. How­ever, if your airgun has an anti-bear trap mech­a­nism and you need to make your gun safe but you can­not de- cock it, then dis­charge it safely into the ground a min­i­mum of seven yards in front of you.

Please keep your fin­ger away from the trig­ger un­til you are about to fire

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