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FireCap Tar­gets has a new Uni­ver­sal Tar­get Box man­u­fac­tured en­tirely from 3mm-thick stain­less steel; even the screw and spring fit­tings are made from stain­less. It can be used as a stan­dard pel­let trap for 17cm tar­get cards and to give you an idea of the heft of con­struc­tion, in its stan­dard con­fig­u­ra­tion the box weighs well over 2kg!

The unique spring-loaded tar­get clips en­sure that the tar­get card is held se­curely, be­hind which the mo­du­lar de­sign al­lows up to five FireCap tar­gets to be fit­ted. It can be used with or with­out the op­tional but­ter­fly plate, which adds an ad­di­tional di­men­sion to your tar­get prac­tice ses­sions by pre­sent­ing an in­creas­ingly small tar­get area to det­o­nate the ex­plod­ing tar­gets. The tar­get area ranges from a 22mm di­am­e­ter hole down to a very chal­leng­ing 12mm hole in the cen­tre – which cor­re­sponds to the bull on a 10m pis­tol tar­get. This adds an el­e­ment of fun to se­ri­ous tar­get prac­tice. Fi­nally, the uni­ver­sal tar­get box can be used as a con­ven­tional pel­let trap, but un­like all oth­ers on the mar­ket,, it won’t go rusty! On sale dur­ing March, prices will start from £ 29.95.

Ex­plod­ing tar­gets be­hind the card make for ex­cit­ing fun

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