Part 2 of Neil’s ren­o­va­tion project of a BSA Im­proved Model D ri­fle in .177

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13 Put a smear of graphite grease on the pis­ton bear­ing sur­faces, and fit the pis­ton into the com­pres­sion, mak­ing sure that the new washer is not snagged on any of the aper­tures it has to pass over, and that the cock­ing slot in the pis­ton is in line with the cock­ing slot in the ac­tion.

14 Smear some graphite grease along the cock­ing slot in the ac­tion.

15 Put some graphite grease on the cock­ing shoe part of the cock­ing link.

16 Put some more graphite grease on both sides of the cock­ing link where if fits into the cock­ing lever.

17 An­gle the cock­ing link down and in­sert the cock­ing link through the round hole at the end of the cock­ing slot in the ac­tion and lo­cate it into the pis­ton. Then lo­cate the other end in the cock­ing lever.

18 From the right-hand side of the ac­tion, in­sert the cock­ing link pivot pin through the cock­ing lever. Do not fully tighten this, screw it in un­til it is not quite tight and the turn the ri­fle over and look at the left-hand side of the ac­tion.

19 There is a small flat at the end of the cock­ing link pivot pin. This has to be lined up with the lock­ing screw.

20 The lock­ing screw fit­ted, stop­ping the pivot pin from ro­tat­ing.

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