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I saw in the April is­sue that you threw down a chal­lenge to any air­gun­ner who thought that he or she could do bet­ter than Gary Chilling­worth in shoot­ing small groups at 70 yards out­doors in the real world, where hunt­ing ac­tu­ally takes place. I en­joy read­ing some of the on­line air­gun fo­rums and I no­ticed that lots of peo­ple were talk­ing about it, but I didn’t see any­body take the chal­lenge on. I did the same with peo­ple I know who like to brag, but none of them would put their money where their mouth is, so to speak. Af­ter you placed the chal­lenge, Terry Doe did it too in Air­gun World, and it’s been all over the fo­rums, so please tell me – has any­body put them­selves for­ward yet? I bet the an­swer is no, and I know why. It’s be­cause nobody can and they know it. THOM BLACK

Hello Thom I don’t know if I should be happy or sad to tell you that you’re quite right, nobody has taken the chal­lenge on. I have heard a few peo­ple still claim that they can kill rab­bits cleanly at long range ev­ery time, but strangely, when I ask them to demon­strate their skills, they be­come less keen. Per­haps I should be happy that peo­ple are fi­nally fac­ing the truth, which is that airguns are short-range tools and that the real hunt­ing skill comes from get­ting close enough, not fic­tional lon­grange snip­ing. I’ve du­pli­cated Gary’s test many times over the years hop­ing that I’d find a bet­ter pel­let, ri­fle or some other tech­no­log­i­cal ad­van­tage that would make the dif­fer­ence, but none did. Our pel­lets are dras­ti­cally af­fected by the wind and noth­ing at the fir­ing point will ever change that. Ed.

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