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Are .22 rim­fires more pow­er­ful than FAC .22 air­guns? Ask our guru

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What’s the dif­fer­ence be­tween a .22 air­gun and a .22 rim­fire? My mate says the rim­fire is much more pow­er­ful, but they’re both .22 of an inch, aren’t they? So why is the rim­fire more pow­er­ful? You can get FAC .22 air­guns. Are they as pow­er­ful as a .22 rim­fire? PAUL Hello Paul A .22 rim­fire is a very small ri­fle car­tridge that con­tains pro­pel­lant pow­der, like other ri­fle car­tridges that might be used for deer or foxes. In sim­ple terms, the more pro­pel­lant you have be­hind the bul­let, the more power it will have, and the .22 rim­fire has very lit­tle. How­ever, that tiny bit of pro­pel­lant al­lows it to make over 100 ft.lbs., some ten times the power of the av­er­age air­gun. FAC air­guns are usu­ally around 30 or 40 ft.lbs. al­though there are much more pow­er­ful ones com­ing to the mar­ket, such as the Gamo TC35 tested in last month’s mag­a­zine. This is a .357” bore, launch­ing huge 81 grain pel­lets at around 120 ft.lbs. The world is chang­ing ev­ery day when it comes to high­power air­guns.

“some ten times the power of the av­er­age air­gun”

BE­LOW: Rim­fire ri­fles are a sta­ple of pro­fes­sional rab­bit con­trollers

RIGHT: The rim­fire car­tridge (mid­dle) is some ten times more pow­er­ful than the av­er­age air­gun

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