Neil Price is re­build­ing a clas­sic tar­get pis­tol from the ‘70s

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Back to the ‘70s as Neil re­builds an Orig­i­nal Model 6 tar­get pis­tol

The Orig­i­nal Model 6 was one of the first ‘re­coil­less’ spring- pow­ered air pis­tols, pro­duced in the ‘70s, so this one is about 40 years old. This is a break- bar­rel tar­get pis­tol and has a twinop­posed pis­ton, also known as the ‘Giss’ ac­tion. The pis­tons are kept in phase by a rack and pin­ion mech­a­nism.

A friend of mine brought this round to me, as pleased as Punch with him­self be­cause he had bought it at ‘a bar­gain’ price from a gun shop, and he asked me to look over it and chrono’ it for him.

So I set up the chrono, weighed some pel­lets out, loaded it, shot through the chrono’ – and got no read­ing. I cocked the pis­tol again, and found that the pel­let was still in the breech, and there was a piece of fi­bre pok­ing out of the trans­fer port.

I know from past ex­pe­ri­ence of these, that this was a piece of the orig­i­nal (pun in­ten­tional) pis­ton seal so it had to come apart.

I asked if he had test- fired it at the shop, but he hadn’t. He paid his money, grabbed the pis­tol and rushed out. I sup­pose, if it had been a func­tion­ing pis­tol, he wouldn’t have got it for such a bar­gain price.

We have cov­ered another vari­ant of this pis­tol in Air Gun­ner mag­a­zine, but this one is the Tar­get model, and dif­fers on quite a few points in re­gard to strip­ping and re­build­ing so I de­cided to write it up. 1 The pis­tol grips are taken off by re­mov­ing the two cross- head screws. 2 Re­move the two slot head screws shown here … 3 ... slide down and re­move the pis­tol grip/trig­ger guard as­sem­bly. 4 Re­move the end cap, slot- head lock­ing screw and un­screw the end cap from the ac­tion. 5 These can be tight com­ing off, so to stop dam­ag­ing the sur­face

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