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Here’s an idea to make shoot­ing spin­ner tar­gets a bit more fun and chal­leng­ing.

I bought a tin of .22 short blanks, drilled a 5.5 mil­lime­tre hole in my spin­ner tar­get and then pushed the blank into the hole. A bit of Sel­lotape over the top to stop the blank from drop­ping out, and there you have it –a home­made re­ac­tive tar­get. ANDY WALKER Hello Andy What a very sim­ple idea, well done! It seems noisy tar­gets are all the rage to­day as you’ll see if you turn to page 50 where I write a re­view of the new Bar­rage Boards from Armex. I have a ques­tion. Do the blanks fly out as they ex­plode? I friend was telling me the other day that he and a friend made ex­plod­ing tar­gets years ago and they ended up with bits of shrap­nel fly­ing past their ears so they stopped do­ing it. I trust you’re wear­ing proper eye pro­tec­tion and are not too close to the tar­get so that you’re safe while hav­ing fun. Ed.

You can’t beat a bit of DIY fun!

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