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There are few if any rab­bits in my area any­more and a chap I met cou­ple of nights ago tells me there’s virus more deadly than myx­o­mato­sis that is now used which is near 100% wipe- out. Is this true? TONY Hello Tony Like you, we have very few rab­bits in our area these days and I be­lieve that there are a num­ber of rea­sons for that. We have a large pop­u­la­tion of com­mon buz­zards which pre­date on the rab­bits all day, ev­ery day, so they must be hav­ing an im­pact on num­bers. Se­condly, we have re­cur­rent myx­o­mato­sis that has wiped out huge num­bers in the past, and lastly there’s the virus you re­fer to – Vi­ral Haem­or­rhagic Dis­ease ( VHD). I’m told that it’s very de­struc­tive and has spread here from main­land Europe in re­cent years. I’ve sent rab­bit poo sam­ples to a re­search lab’ study­ing the prob­lem and they’ve con­firmed that it is in my area. Be­cause the pop­u­la­tion is now so small, I only hunt them when they present a spe­cific prob­lem. Away from those ar­eas, I’m just happy to see them be­cause I worry they might get wiped out for ever. With no rab­bits, our sport would be very dif­fer­ent. Ed.

Will the rab­bit be lost to the UK soon? No­body knows yet

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