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I have to say that I was shocked to read Char­lie Port­lock’s ar­ti­cle about stop­ping us­ing springers for hunt­ing. I thought he was a real springer fan and would al­ways be loyal, but it seems not. I have to say that his ex­pe­ri­ence mir­rors my own. For decades I shot a highly tuned Weihrauch HW77K that I be­lieved was the very best air­gun in the world. I knew it like an old friend and shot with it like an ex­ten­sion of my body. How­ever, my hunt­ing bud­dies bought PCPs and be­gan to rave on about just how ac­cu­rate they were, so I asked to bor­row one. It was an early Air Arms S410 that had been used hard, but I was im­me­di­ately im­pressed by the re­coil­less ac­tion and si­lent dis­charge. Be­grudg­ingly, I put the 77 away and bought an S410 of my own and I’ve never looked back. My abil­ity to place the pel­let with pre­ci­sion is just so much bet­ter with the new gun. I still love my 77 and I’ll never sell it, but you just can’t ig­nore the ad­van­tage brought by pre- charged guns. PHIL Hello Phil That’s a real co­in­ci­dence be­cause I shot a tuned HW77 be­fore I bought an S410 as well! It was a long time ago and, like you, I find the ben­e­fits the PCP of­fers are just too good to pass up. Un­like you, I sold my 77 when I was short of cash, which was a ter­ri­ble mis­take that I re­gret to this day. I don’t even have a photo of it to look back on. Ed.

Some love springers but the PCP ad­van­tage is hard to ig­nore

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