Flash, bang, wal­lop, what a shot!

The edi­tor tries some in­no­va­tive tar­gets from Armex

Air Gunner - - Hunting -

T here seems to be a real ap­petite for noisy, smoky tar­gets these days with the likes of Fire­bird and Fire­cap sell­ing like hot cakes, and now is seems that the Bar­rage Board could be the next big hit, lit­er­ally! These in­no­va­tive tar­gets have 20 cir­cu­lar aim points on the face of 21 x 30 cm sheets of 10mm thick medium den­sity fi­bre board (MDF). At the cen­tre of each one is a cap that ex­plodes if you hit it per­fectly with an air­gun pel­let. The ex­plo­sion is strong enough to rip away the face of the tar­get and there are clear warn­ings about keep­ing a safe dis­tance from the tar­get be­fore you shoot. I hope I don’t need to say that wear­ing safety glasses is vi­tally im­por­tant for any­body shoot­ing a tar­get like this.

A good hit re­wards the shooter with a loud bang and plenty of smoke so that you know for sure that the hit is spot on. This prod­uct came about when some of the Armex team were brain­storm­ing new tar­gets. Toss­ing ideas about, they won­dered what would hap­pen if they glued shot­gun primers into a sheet of MDF, and the Bar­rage Board was born. They make them in- house at their Birm­ing­ham fac­tory and the first 1000 they made sold out so quickly that they’re mak­ing more as fast as they can go.

The tar­get face is self-ad­he­sive plas­tic and there­fore un­af­fected by mois­ture, but blasts away nicely as the primer ex­plodes. The com­pany is work­ing hard to­ward a car­bon-neu­tral po­si­tion, so know­ing that the wooden board is fully biodegrad­able feels just right for their en­vi­ron­ment cre­den­tials.


I took one out to some farm­land where I hoped the noise wouldn’t dis­turb any­body, and shot the caps out one by one. Misses tend to shoot right through the board from a 12 ft.lbs. ri­fle, so clearly, you need a good back stop or a safe area be­hind the board at all times.

At just £ 9.99 for a sheet of 20 tar­gets, the Bar­rage Board looks like good value for money when com­pared to other ex­plo­sive tar­gets. It looks like Armex has come up with a win­ner, and a great al­ter­na­tive tar­get for those who en­joy some noise and smoke with their air­gun shoot­ing.

www.armex.co.uk RRP £ 9.99

ABOVE: As they ig­nite they blow the tar­get face away

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