What to do about a leak­ing breech seal? Ask our res­i­dent guru

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Dear Guru I think the breech seal might be leak­ing on my Stoeger X20 break- bar­rel air­gun. If it does leak, will I lose power and how can I find out if it’s worn out? It looks all right to me, but my mate says I should change it. CHRIS Hello Chris, A worn breech seal might well leak and yes, it will then cause a loss of power. Over time, seals wear as they’re pressed against the face of the cylin­der over and over. If they don’t make suf­fi­cient con­tact, some high pres­sure air might blow past and be lost, air that would have oth­er­wise been em­ployed to drive the pel­let down the bar­rel. They’re usu­ally very cheap to buy and quite sim­ple to re­place with just ba­sic tools.

A quick and easy way to see for your­self if air is leak­ing, is to take a tis­sue, your ri­fle, and a go to a safe place to shoot. Face down­range and then cock and load the ri­fle. Drape the tis­sue over the breech and then take a shot with both eyes open. If the tis­sue stays still then there’s no prob­lem, but if it blows up­wards, you know it’s time for a new seal.

You might also con­sider get­ting the ri­fle ser­viced by a gun smith. It’s likely that if one seal has worn out that oth­ers will have too. A skilled per­son would strip and in­spect all the parts for signs of wear and re­place them as needed. The pis­ton seal and main spring are most of­ten re­placed and proper lu­bri­cants ap­plied to max­imise per­for­mance and re­duce wear. Ed.

“A skilled per­son would strip and in­spect all the parts for signs of wear”

Drap­ing a tis­sue over the breech seal is a quick way to de­tect a leak

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