Looks good on the face of it but dig deeper and cracks open

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Dear Ed­i­tor, Again, Ful­ton MacGre­gor MSP likes to tells us about roads, bridges and homes that his gov­er­ment has paid for out of tax­pay­ers’ money [Ad­ver­tiser, Septem­ber 20].

Well, the new Forth bridge which pedal bike own­ers can’t cross was built with steel from China - in­stead of Scot­land.

The new fixes on the roads he talks about have helped in some ar­eas, but we have oth­ers which are now hav­ing traf­fic prob­lems.

As for the 68,000 homes he talks about, could he tell me where they are so I can tell the peo­ple who are look­ing for homes and they can get one?

He does not say how his gov­er­ment has mis­used our health money by £1bil­lion.

The First Min­is­ter, when in charge of this, took £480m to, in her words, to use in other ar­eas. Our health ser­vice was let down. Fran­cis Ste­wart, Via email

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