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DAVE WAL­LACE Thus, a pel­let record­ing 800 f.p.s. and weigh­ing 8.3 grains, pro­duces 11.8 ft.lbs., or very near of­fer. Cue the dis­pute! – Ed I have a sim­ple ques­tion for your hunt­ing ex­perts. Why don’t any of them use pis­tols for hunt­ing close-range quarry like rats? If a pis­tol is do­ing close to the le­gal limit of 6ft.lbs., there will be more than enough en­ergy left at say, 15 yards, to kill a rat cleanly. So, why don’t the Air­gun World hunters ever show us pis­tol fans how to use them in the field? TIM CHRIS­TIAN

You know, Phil, you may well be right. Per­haps it re­ally is time a young, brash, fear­less, and far more hand­some, edi­tor took the helm of the good ship Air­gun World. It would cer­tainly give me more time to en­joy the hun­dreds of free­bie ri­fles you imag­ine I own. Sadly, I think I’d strug­gle to talk Jim into it! – Ed

Yes, I re­ally do like this ‘new wave’ of su­per-com­pact ri­fles.

Hero, men­tor - and now re­place­ment?

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