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One tricky as­pect of the Tem­pest has al­ways been the cock­ing of the ac­tion. The first step is to un­lock the bar­rel latch, which is on the left-rear of the main body. Push the lever for­ward and the top of the steel latch comes back, al­low­ing the bar­rel to be pulled up­ward and away from the breech seal. You have to grip and swing the ri­fled steel bar­rel through 160 de­grees away from the pis­tol body, un­til the trig­ger sear en­gages and holds the pis­ton back. There’s a larger di­am­e­ter knurled sec­tion at the rear of the bar­rel to creathe a se­cure grip for the user. There is a knack to cock­ing a Tem­pest, so if you are strug­gling, try rest­ing the gun on the front of your thigh and pulling the bar­rel down over the front of your leg. Then im­me­di­ately ap­ply the safety catch, which is on the left side of the grip be­hind the trig­ger - push up to put onto ‘safe’.


Al­ways ap­ply the safety catch be­fore load­ing the gun. I would rec­om­mend you do this be­cause you have to let go of the bar­rel once cocked, to load the gun, which leaves the bar­rel un­re­strained when you are se­lect­ing a pel­let. Tak­ing the bar­rel back to rest on the top of the bar­rel lock­ing sad­dle is a good idea, but ap­ply­ing the safety catch avoids any ac­ci­den­tal dis­charges

Only a collector could tell this from an orig­i­nal.

The left-hand grip with the large curved thumb rest.

My two-handed hold worked well.

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