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When some­body asks the ques­tion, ‘What’s the most fa­mous gun in the world?’ I guess we all have our own ideas. James Bond’s Walther PPK, Dirty Harry’s Smith and Wes­son model 29, or clas­sics like the Winch­ester lever-ac­tion that re­ally won the West. Well, my an­swer would be the Kalash­nikov AK47 as­sault ri­fle. I be­lieve it’s the case that no other gun has been made in greater num­bers than the ‘AK’ in the his­tory of mankind. It’s not just the Rus­sians who make them. All around the world, large and small com­pa­nies have made copies, some worse than oth­ers, sim­ply be­cause of the gun’s rep­u­ta­tion. They’re sim­ple, can be made from cheap ma­te­ri­als and are about as so­phis­ti­cated as a trac­tor, but for all that they have one dom­i­nant ad­van­tage over many other more sexy ri­fles and that’s this; hot, cold, wet, dry, dirty or clean, they al­ways go bang when you pull the trig­ger, and when sav­ing your life from the bad guys is what you’re try­ing to do, be­ing able to shoot back is what you want!

You’ll never see a news item from the Mid­dle East or war-torn Africa with­out Toy­ota pick-up trucks full of fight­ers car­ry­ing AK47s be­ing in shot. Th­ese peo­ple don’t have lots of train­ing and back-up like west­ern war fight­ers do. They need fight­ing tools that work day in and day out, with lit­tle or no main­te­nance. Be­cause of this, al­most ev­ery­body knows what an AK47 is, even my mother-in-law!


So, it’s no sur­prise to me that the sales team at SMK are over­joyed to have re­ceived stock of a highly de­tailed replica made by Cy­ber Gun. This com­pany has a great rep­u­ta­tion for mak­ing top-class repli­cas of some of the most fa­mous guns that are also work­ing BBs shoot­ers, and the AK47 is just the same.

I’ve shot all sorts of guns through my shoot­ing life, but I’ve never fired a real AK47, so I have no idea just how pre­cise the Cy­ber Gun ver­sion is as a replica. Pick­ing it up, it feels tiny and has an ex­traor­di­nar­ily short pull-length of just 11½” com­pared to the stan­dard 14½”. Be­cause of this, it

“This com­pany has a great rep­u­ta­tion for mak­ing top-class repli­cas”

feels like your nose is about to touch the back of the ac­tion when you’re on aim.

The com­bat sights are about a ba­sic as they get, al­though the rear sight is ad­justable for el­e­va­tion. In the shoul­der, the hard plas­tic butt plate feels slip­pery and the tiny pis­tol grip very slen­der in­deed, yet for all that it feels sur­pris­ingly sta­ble on aim.


Vis­ually, the replica mim­ics the rough-and-ready build qual­ity that the real ri­fles ex­hibit. There’s noth­ing fancy about th­ese things, just pressed steel and cheap wood, and there’s cer­tainly no or­na­men­ta­tion other than a mas­sively long se­rial num­ber.

I was in­ter­ested to note that the power is sup­plied by the widely avail­able 12 gramme, Co2 cap­sule that, in­ter­est­ingly, lives in­side the de­tach­able banana-shaped mag­a­zine. The ver­ti­cally stack­ing BB mag­a­zine lives here too, in­side the re­mov­able outer cas­ing. With this re­moved, the Co2 cap­sule is loaded and screwed onto the pierc­ing probe as you’ll have seen on many other guns. The BB mag’ is the same, al­though you need to com­press the fol­lower spring and then drop the BBs in one at a time through a small aper­ture at the top. I found I needed to give the

It felt very alien to me but sur­pris­ingly sta­ble on aim.

BBs drop in one at a time through this port.

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