A FIRST LOVE REKIN­DLED Tim Fin­ley finds and re­fur­bishes his long-lost Webley Tem­pest

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Ibought my Webley Tem­pest air pis­tol just two years af­ter it came out, and with my first wage packet, no less. That was in Oc­to­ber 1982; roll for­ward to 2010 and I turned my mum and dad’s house up­side down to try to find it, but as hard as I looked I couldn’t find it. I thought I had lost it and was most dis­traught. Roll fur­ther for­ward to 2016, and Mike Bunn, my best friend from school, showed up with my Tem­pest. I had to­tally for­got­ten that I had given it to him back in 1995 re­sult or what! What was not so good was the state it was in. I’d made wooden grips for it back in the 1990s, but they were long gone and had been re­placed by stan­dard, black plas­tic ones. The plas­tic fore end cover was gone – I’d snapped that in half, way back in the day my­self. The front pin at­tach­ing the bar­rel to the cock­ing link­age had snapped at some point and Mike had re­placed it with a bent-over nail - he is a col­lege lec­turer, NOT an en­gi­neer, which was clear – and the dan­ger­ous end of the nail had worn the paint away from the body. The front long cock­ing link was worn away and the spring to keep the links flat was bro­ken – and were just the me­chan­i­cal is­sues that I could see.


Next were the cos­metic is­sues; the bar­rel had red rust patches along the top, and the rear sight and its screws were also a red rusty mess. There were grind­ing, or file marks on the rear of the ac­tion, which took the black sur­face fin­ish off right down to the shiny base alu­minium. There were three bare patches of al­loy, one on the front frame and two on the bar­rel latch plunger hous­ing – not to men­tion a large slice that had been taken

My old Webley Tem­pest.

The nail in place of the front pin caused a lot of dam­age. The parts ready to put my old gun back to­gether. The bar­rel is marked 5.6 CAL, show­ing that it’s old.

The old and new springs.

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