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De­lighted to see the ar­ti­cle about UBC pis­tol comps in the May is­sue of AGW - well writ­ten and very in­for­ma­tive. Let’s hope that it will re­sult in even more peo­ple ‘join­ing in’ and hav­ing a go at a fun comp that is very dif­fer­ent to just pre­ci­sion tar­get and tin-can shoot­ing. I’m a self-con­fessed ad­dict - just fin­ished do­ing my en­try for May. There’s a Po­lice Ri­fle comp too, for long-gun shoot­ers! JOHN BED­FORD


I read with great in­ter­est Karl Reah’s ar­ti­cle in this month’s AGW, es­pe­cially the part re­gard­ing the Orig­i­nal P6. Should one in .177 be avail­able for sale, please con­tact me

Keep up the good work with the mag’ and I hope you all keep well PAUL


I went to the gun show in Fe­bru­ary to pur­chase a Night­mas­ter Atom NV, and I got the last one they had – great! Un­for­tu­nately, this old fool that I have be­come took a tum­ble down the stairs at home and, in the process, tore my shoul­der lig­a­ments, so I had to have re­con­struc­tive surgery. I have not been able to shoul­der a ri­fle since Fe­bru­ary un­til now, and the first job I did was to set up my new Atom NV add-on. I could not have been more dis­ap­pointed. I fol­lowed all the in­struc­tions and seemed un­able to get the cross hairs in fo­cus, then I had my ‘eu­reka’ mo­ment. Top tip com­ing up:

I took an old pair of read­ing glasses, cut the right-eye plas­tic lens out of the frame, ground the el­lip­ti­cal-shaped lens so that it was more rounded, and fit­ted it into the rub­ber eye-piece. The re­sult is that the cross hairs are now as sharp as a pin, and it has been so suc­cess­ful that I put 10 pel­lets into the bull, mak­ing a half -inch whole at 30 yards sight­ing range, in pitch-black dark­ness.

So, in con­clu­sion, if there are any shoot­ers out there like me, whose eye­sight is not what it was, and they are think­ing of pur­chas­ing an Atom NV, don’t be put off – it re­ally works! DAVID BRINKWORTH


I’m won­der­ing if you can help me out. In your May is­sue, page 11, ti­tled ‘Age No Con­cern’, you have a Bri­tan­nia pic­tured. I have a num­ber of th­ese and one with a se­rial num­ber 776. It is fea­tured in ‘Air­gun Hob­by­ist’ (USA) vol.6 no.4 Oct/Nov/Dec 2016 is­sue. The fol­low-up on this gun is fea­tured in the Jan/Feb/Mar is­sue, and there the prob­lem lies. I have tried all av­enues to pur­chase this is­sue, but to no avail, so my only hope is that per­haps your team could pos­si­bly ac­quire this for me through your

net­work of con­tacts. I would be very grate­ful and will­ing to pay all rel­e­vant costs in­curred. FRED AN­DREWS

That item was part of the let­ters page in our sis­ter pub­li­ca­tion, ‘Air Gun­ner’, Fred, and so far our en­quiries have yielded very lit­tle. So, I’ll throw open your re­quest to the read­er­ship. They of­ten work won­ders for us and I hope they can do the same for you. -Ed


First of all, many thanks for an ex­cel­lent mag­a­zine. I had my first 12-bore at the age of 14, I’m now 76, and af­ter a life­time I have come into the sport of FT & HFT in the last 12 months. I’ve been amazed at the com­plex­ity and skills, not to men­tion en­thu­si­asm, re­quired to mas­ter mod­ern day, air ri­fle tech­nol­ogy.

The main point of this let­ter is to en­cour­age you in your ‘help the dis­abled’ project. I am now wheel­chair bound, an above-knee am­putee, plus var­i­ous other hin­drances, one be­ing an in­abil­ity to lift a gun due to se­vere os­teoarthri­tis.

To over­come this and to en­able me to con­tinue the sport, I was per­suaded, with re­luc­tance, to join the air ri­fle di­vi­sion at my shoot­ing ground. I trans­ferred from a wheel­chair to an all ter­rain buggy with a re­volv­ing seat, and the help of an im­pro­vised pho­to­graphic tri­pod, plus a ded­i­cated wife to lift the gun into place. No, I can’t be com­pet­i­tive, but who cares? I en­joy the com­pany of a great set of guys and gals and the fa­cil­i­ties of prob­a­bly one of the best shoot­ing grounds around, (www. throck­mor­ton­shoot­ground.co.uk ) run by Alan & Sandy Bew­ley and a ded­i­cated team.

Hav­ing been se­verely dis­abled since the age of 21, I have learned that life doesn’t stop and if you want to do some­thing badly enough there are peo­ple around who are will­ing to give you the opportunity and as­sis­tance to achieve your goals.

Keep up the good work Terry, and you dis­abled peo­ple get out and en­joy a fan­tas­tic, af­ford­able sport. Any­one who can get to the shoot­ing ground at Throck­mor­ton, near Per­shore, Worcs. (di­rec­tions on their web­site) will get a very warm wel­come.


What a great let­ter from An­drew! I phoned him to ask if he’d do a club pro­file on the Throck­mor­ton shoot­ing ground for us, and as you’ll see on page 98 - he kindly agreed. - Ed


Al­though not a dis­abled shooter my­self, I was very in­ter­ested to read Steve Con­ner’s ar­ti­cle, which was very en­light­en­ing. It made me think that I might be able to help with an easy-tomake aid to the prob­lem he was de­scrib­ing with ad­just­ing tele­scopic sights. I made a very sim­i­lar aid for re­mov­ing the filler caps on my chain­saw that are al­ways very tight and dif­fi­cult to un­screw, and thought I could adapt it to fit a scope. So, I made one as a trial and have at­tached the photos.

Ba­si­cally made from a scrap piece of ply­wood – ply is best due to its strength – and very few tools, just two mea­sure­ments are needed; the di­am­e­ter of the cap and the di­am­e­ter of the adjuster. The slot in the ply needs to be just slightly big­ger at the open­ing and a tad smaller at the closed end, so that it acts as a wedge. The at­tached draw­ing shows the di­men­sions for my scope, which will change for other makes and types, of course, also the length of the piece will need to suit the hand us­ing it. Mine is prob­a­bly a lit­tle too short and could have been an inch longer – sorry, show­ing my age – that’s 25mm.

I hope it’s of in­ter­est to read­ers who have trou­ble with scope ad­just­ment and al­though ba­sic, it might just do the job. Great mag’, keep up the ex­cel­lent work. MIKE WATKINS

Great idea, Mike, and I’m sure our read­ers will find your DIY ‘scope span­ner’ ex­tremely use­ful. - Ed


I read Air­gun World from cover to cover ev­ery month, as I have for over eight years now, and I al­ways think how great it would be if we could spend a day or two ac­tu­ally talk­ing to the edi­tor and his con­trib­u­tors. I know you ap­pear at var­i­ous shows and game fairs but it would be so much bet­ter if you could all turn up at a sin­gle venue, with­out the usual dis­trac­tions.

I’m a bit of a sci-fi nerd and at­tend con­ven­tions on a reg­u­lar ba­sis, and th­ese are in­cred­i­bly pop­u­lar. I’m sure it would work with the Air­gun World team, so please give it some se­ri­ous con­sid­er­a­tion.

Live long and pros­per! CALLY HEN­DER­SON

Erm … I’m sure we’d all have a won­der­ful time, Cally, but pin­ning down the en­tire AGW team for a whole week­end would be slightly more dif­fi­cult than de­feat­ing The Em­pire or mak­ing the jump into hy­per-space … or some­thing. Apolo­gies for mix­ing my sci-fi metaphors, and I prom­ise I’ll bring up your sug­ges­tion at the next pro­duc­tion meet­ing. - Ed


I read with con­sid­er­able dis­may that last month’s is­sue marked the end of young Tom’s con­tri­bu­tion to Air­gun World. As a cyn­i­cal old git of 66, I find the en­thu­si­asm and lack of world-weari­ness of Tom and your Air­gun Stu­dent, Nay­lor Ball, quite re­fresh­ing. I un­der­stand that Tom prob­a­bly has bet­ter things to be get­ting on with, and that noth­ing stays the same, but I hope he won’t be re­placed by some­one with­out his un­sul­lied take on things. Some­times, just some­times, we of the older gen­er­a­tion can learn from the young, you know.



In the April edi­tion, Mark McMur­ray asked when Jim Tyler would be re­leas­ing his ‘tech­ni­cal air­gun’ book. I no­ticed that you skil­fully de­flected the en­quiry to­ward Jim, and that there was no an­swer to it in the May mag­a­zine. Has Jim de­clined to an­swer, or is some­thing else go­ing on?

Please find out when Jim’s book is com­ing out, be­cause I as­sure you that lots of us ‘tech­ni­cal air­gun­ners’ are ab­so­lutely des­per­ate to read it. ROGER LOUTH

Roger – I as­sure you there’s noth­ing ‘go­ing on’, it’s sim­ply that Jim hasn’t yet com­pleted his book to his sat­is­fac­tion. Jim’s a bit of a per­fec­tion­ist to say the least, and that book will get the go-ahead only when he is ab­so­lutely cer­tain it’s ready for re­lease. I’m sure it will be worth wait­ing for, though! – Ed


I’m an avid Phil Hard­man fan and I had the priv­i­lege of meet­ing him at a show last year, where he con­firmed that he was ‘def­i­nitely go­ing to write a book’. Since then I’ve heard noth­ing more and I’m hop­ing Phil hasn’t gone off the idea.

Please can you tell me if he’s still go­ing to do the book and, bet­ter still, when it’s likely to be on sale.

Keep up the great work. DAN STANNISH

As far as I know, Phil’s work­ing on his book right now, Dan, and you’re not the only one who has asked us about it. Hav­ing hunted with Phil, I have noth­ing but ad­mi­ra­tion for the way he goes about things, his at­ti­tude and the amount of thought that goes in to ev­ery­thing he does. I’d like to read Phil’s book, too, so come on young Hard­man – get it sorted! – Ed

Be­low: The Umarex Boys Club is al­ways find­ing new ways to en­joy our sport.

Be­low: Karl Reah’s amaz­ing air­gun find has cap­ti­vated our read­ers – and Paul would like to buy into it!

Can any of our read­ers help Fred?

Be­low Left and Right: Some­times the best ideas are also the sim­plest.

Be­low: Tom has been a pop­u­lar con­trib­u­tor dur­ing his short time in the pages of Air­gun World, and no doubt he’ll be back to add his youth­ful wis­dom. - Ed

Above: Jim’s mas­ter­work is in de­mand!

Be­low: Get that book done, Phil. Your pub­lic de­mands it!

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