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What do we need to go hunt­ing and stand a good chance of suc­cess? We re­quire a ri­fle pro­duc­ing suf­fi­cient con­sis­tent ac­cu­racy and muz­zle en­ergy to des­patch our quarry cleanly, a re­li­able sight­ing de­vice and mount, a stock that pro­motes com­fort­able con­trol, and prefer­ably, a si­lencer to keep ev­ery­thing ef­fi­ciently dis­creet. A pro­tec­tive case to keep it all in would be handy, and what about a bi­pod for those in­ten­sive ze­ro­ing and pel­let-test­ing ses­sions, or for when you’re plot­ted up in the prone po­si­tion to am­bush rab­bits? One last tick on many hunters’ wish lists would be an over­all price tag that didn’t make their eyes wa­ter.

The big news, fresh in this month is, Armex have de­cided to of­fer all of that, plus their renowned care pack­age, for a penny un­der £500. This has to be worth in­ves­ti­gat­ing, so that’s what I’ve been do­ing.


What we have here, is a Walther Rotex RM8 pre-charged pneu­matic ri­fle, an En­field 3-9 x 40 scope and mounts, a re­flex Back­draft si­lencer, an ad­justable bi­pod com­plete with Pi­catinny mount­ing blocks for lamp, laser or in­frared il­lu­mi­na­tor, and a fully-padded ri­fle case in dark green, rather than the black one I’ve been us­ing. It’s quite a pack­age, then, es­pe­cially for £499.99 all-in, but as we know, a bar­gain’s only a bar­gain if it does what we need it to do. There’s the next phase cued up nicely, then.


The ri­fle at the cen­tre of the Varminter Kit is, not un­nat­u­rally, the Walther Rotex RM8 Varminter. This is the lat­est in­car­na­tion of Walther’s 8-shot, bolt-ac­tion sporter and fea­tures the fa­mil­iar fixed, 200cc buddy bot­tle, fully-float­ing – fixed at the breech only – 19.7inch bar­rel, and an am­bidex­trous, black, syn­thetic, thumb­hole stock. That stock is a pleas­ing thing to han­dle and to look at, blessed as it is with all man­ner of sym­pa­thetic curves, con­tours and moulded grip pan­els. Those pan­els are among the grip­pi­est I’ve ever used, too, so full marks to the Walther de­sign­ers.

The trig­ger is the tried-and-tested two-stage mech­a­nism that of­fers an ad­justable first stage and a fac­tory set let-off pres­sure. Many air­gun­ners would arch a cyn­i­cal eye­brow at any mod­ern PCP with­out a fully-ad­justable trig­ger, but to them I’d say, see how you get on with it first. More of that later; for now I’ll fin­ish the brief tour of the Varminter Kit.


Along with the Varminter it­self, the Armex kit con­tains a Back­draft re­flex si­lencer that slides over the ri­fle’s ½-inch UNF threaded bar­rel a full 6.5 inches, leav­ing just 3 inches protrud­ing. The Back­draft is equipped with in­ter­nal baf­fles and has all the vol­ume re­quired to swal­low the RM8’s muz­zle noise. This mod­er­a­tor is big, black and bold, but it some­how fits the whole pack­age ex­tremely well, and it works a treat, with­out mess­ing up the ri­fle’s bal­ance. I thought I wouldn’t like the Back­draft but it’s grow­ing on me.


On the sub­ject of bal­ance, the Varminter Kit’s sup­plied bi­pod will def­i­nitely change the han­dling char­ac­ter­is­tics if you leave it at­tached and folded dur­ing gen­eral shoot­ing du­ties. A swift twist with ei­ther a Phillips or flat­head screw­driver re­leases the bi­pod from its Weaver-style mount, and the Varminter’s ex­cel­lent bal­ance is re­stored. As for the bi­pod it­self, it sports height-ad­justable, spring-loaded legs with squishy rub­ber feet and a cou­ple of Weaver mount blocks for those at­tach­ments I men­tioned ear­lier. This is a prac­ti­cal ac­ces­sory that does its job ex­tremely well, although I’d have pre­ferred a quick­re­lease fa­cil­ity so I could snap it on and off as re­quired.

The new Walther RM8 Varminter is an im­pres­sive ri­fle for an equally im­pres­sive price.

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