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I once at­tended an ‘open your gar­den to the pub­lic’ event in my home town, and I was be­ing shown around a chap’s won­der­ful back gar­den, which was ab­so­lutely packed with beau­ti­ful peren­ni­als, shrubs and bor­der plants. Be­yond the gar­den it­self was a 10-acre plot, on which stood some sta­bles, plus two large pad­docks and at least a cou­ple of acres that had been turned over to veg­eta­bles, hazel­nut trees and a large or­na­men­tal pond.

It was a truly im­pres­sive place and I was say­ing as much to the owner, when we both spot­ted the un­mis­tak­able form of a rat emerg­ing from be­neath a wa­ter trough in the near­est pad­dock. I asked the owner if he had much of a prob­lem with ver­min, and it was like he’d been wait­ing for ages to talk to some­one about it. He told me rats, squir­rels and pi­geons were the bane of his life, and that mink had even taken some of his koi, but that his wife ‘hated guns, traps and poi­son’, so he re­ally was at a loss about what to do. I’m not nor­mally cheeky, but I asked him if his wife ever went away for a day or two, and he laughed and told me she was go­ing to France for a five-day cook­ery course the next week. It’s too late to cut a long story short, but the owner and I seemed to hit it off and I vol­un­teered to come round and see what I could do to help his ver­min prob­lems.

That was a year ago, I’ve been re­ally suc­cess­ful in con­trol­ling those pests, and since then the owner and I have be­come firm friends. His wife even knows why I call round, although she usu­ally stays in the house while I go about my ver­min-clear­ance du­ties. My si­lenced Air Arms Ul­ti­mate Sporter is the per­fect tool for this job, and I’ve found the per­fect place to use it. I came to see a gar­den and found a piece of hunt­ing par­adise. Never stop look­ing – you never know what might be­come avail­able! LES HENSHAW

Lovely story, Les, and you’re ab­so­lutely right, mate, we never know when and where that pre­cious per­mis­sion will present it­self. Please let me know your boot size and I’ll get a pair of those ex­cel­lent Hunters in the post to you. If any­one else has found a shoot, or any air­gun­ning op­por­tu­nity, in an unusual place, please let us know, OK? - Ed

Thanks to the gen­eros­ity of the peo­ple at Jack Pyke, we’re able to give away a pair of the brand new Hunters boots ev­ery month to the reader we con­sider to have sent the best let­ter. That’s 120 quid’s worth of ex­cel­lent footwear, just for let­ting us...

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