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At this year’s Game Fair, we gave away a whole pile of goodie bags, in­side which was a se­lec­tion of Cus­tom Tar­gets’ finest of­fer­ings. These 3mm thick, laser-cut hard­board tar­gets come in all sorts of great de­signs and it’s easy to see why the air­gun­ners who found them in their Game Fair goodie bags would be chuffed with them. What came as quite a sur­prise, is the fact that these tar­gets aren’t just for plink­ing. Oh no, not a bit of it; they’re ab­so­lutely per­fect for pre­ci­sion shoot­ing train­ing, thanks to their ‘chal­leng­ing’ cen­tral hit zones. Tak­ing the cen­tral ‘pip’ out of a Cus­tom Tar­get at ranges from 10 to 50 yards, re­ally does test man and ma­chine, and it has to be said, it cer­tainly fo­cuses the mind bet­ter than shoot­ing at pa­per.

These tar­gets are en­tirely biodegrad­able and they don’t make a mess upon dis­in­te­gra­tion, if you can hit them, of course. They’re cheap, too, start­ing at just £1.99, with loads of new de­signs to come. Full-on ac­cu­racy train­ing and a ton of fun at the same time – what’s not to like?

Call Cus­tom Tar­gets on 01935 426 599 or con­tact them via www.cus­tom­tar­

Se­ri­ous fun from Cus­tom Tar­gets.

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