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When I first bought my new BSA R10, I posted a cou­ple of pic­tures of it on Facebook, as you do. A few of my shoot­ing bud­dies in­stantly piped up about buy­ing a ‘bung’ for the fill­ing port. With a lit­tle bit of re­search I found what they were all talk­ing about, and seven quid later I had one on or­der.

It was some­thing I hadn’t even con­sid­ered, and it made per­fect sense to plug the hole. You see, even though the fill­ing port is sit­u­ated on the un­der­side of the ri­fle, it’s still an open hole. If left open, then it is pos­si­ble that dirt and mois­ture could get in, so it re­ally is es­sen­tial that the hole is plugged up to pre­vent this from hap­pen­ing.

The rub­ber bung that I or­dered sits flush with the base of the stock, and has a small cord for easy re­moval. What’s more, the cord just hap­pens to be the per­fect length to sit over the lug that I use to at­tach my bi­pod and carry strap – sorted! It’s no big deal re­mov­ing the bi­pod each time I want to fill the ri­fle, and hav­ing it set up this way means that if the bung were to get pulled out ac­ci­den­tally, I won’t lose it be­cause the bi­pod will hold the cord in place – re­sult!

This lit­tle rub­ber bung could pre­vent a whole world of prob­lems down the line.

The fill­ing port is open and could al­low dirt or mois­ture to get in.

It’s the per­fect fit, and the cord sits snugly around the bi­pod lug.

A lit­tle rub­ber bung will solve the prob­lem.

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