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If you pre­fer to leave your si­lencer at­tached, or if it’s fixed, it can be dif­fi­cult to feed the pull-through past the ‘steps’ of the si­lencer baf­fles and its union with the muz­zle, into the bar­rel proper. Get around this by guid­ing the lead­core loop into the bore via a drink­ing straw. I slit the straw along its length so I could roll it up into the re­quired di­am­e­ter to fit the bore.

Also, those felt clean­ing pel­lets Terry men­tioned are a great idea,

es­pe­cially for the ini­tial clean­ing. A cou­ple of those shot through dry would re­move most of the mois­ture from the bore, fol­lowed by an oiled one to give anti-rust pro­tec­tion, is some­thing that can be done in the field.

I’ll be putting some of these in my kit­bag for sure, along with my home­made pull-through, a sec­tion of Napier bar­rel clean­ing cloth and a small con­tainer of gun oil. A bit of DIY saved the day this time, but I’ve learned my les­son and next time I’ll be fully pre­pared!

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