Paddy Egan re­ports from the 16th UBC meet at the Greyhound Air­gun Club, Coven­try

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This year, our meet was our 16th and our 10-year an­niver­sary, and this one was more of a ‘gath­er­ing’, where peo­ple put faces to the names from our fo­rum. The venue was the Greyhound Gun Club, in Coven­try, who have al­ways been so ac­com­mo­dat­ing – con­struct­ing the ded­i­cated 6-yard pul­ley sys­tem, for ex­am­ple, and let­ting us use our own tar­get set-ups.


We in­vited Sol­ware, the lo­cal RFD, who brought along a va­ri­ety of air­guns and air­gun­re­lated mer­chan­dise. Armex gave us a Walther Cen­tury Varmint ri­fle, and spon­sored us with unique wal­nut-gripped, nickel 92FS pis­tols, ‘Umarex Boys Club Cel­e­brat­ing 10 Years’ etched on the frames, as raf­fle prizes and club guns. We are so grate­ful for the gen­eros­ity from our spon­sors, and our UBC mem­bers who do­nate raf­fle prizes, it re­ally is ap­pre­ci­ated.


Danny, from Gr8­fun Tar­gets, made new metal tar­gets in the shape of five 330ml steel drinks cans, and Nikki, from Cus­tom Tar­gets made our own UBC-de­signed vinyl stick­ers to go on them. Danny also made a set of metal spoons for the gun and spoon race: A TV screen con­nected to a box shows the crosshairs from a scoped ri­fle; one person di­rects the shooter to­ward six hang­ing metal spoons: left, right, up, down, stop, and fire. Sim­ple.

In the three-gun chal­lenge, the shooter starts off with a Umarex CP99 pis­tol, shoot­ing James Bond tar­gets, then a Umarex Winch­ester ri­fle shoot­ing Western-style tar­gets, and fin­ishes by us­ing an ASG air­soft shot­gun on Ter­mi­na­tor tar­gets, timed in­di­vid­u­ally on each stage, or do all three stages in one go.

Adrian Cooper made his own bell tar­get from a metal out­door lan­tern by drilling a metal plate on a wooden stand – it worked a treat – and ev­ery­one re­ceived a tar­get pack for

peo­ple to shoot at their leisure, one of which was the an­niver­sary ‘It’s A Bulls­eye’ tar­get to win a Walther Cen­tury Varmint.


Like last year, my daugh­ter ar­ranged for us to use a Mercedes-Benz Vito from Mid­lands Truck & Van. It’s per­fect for car­ry­ing all the equip­ment, and pro­vided a smooth drive down to the Greyhound.

I got to the venue about 4pm, the day be­fore, and met up with Adrian, Jim, Luke, Nev, and Pete, which was great be­cause there was a lot of equip­ment to put out, and we had time to test the PCP ri­fle used for the gun and spoon race. Adrian and I got car­ried away and it was get­ting a bit late, so we called it a night and made the jour­ney home.


At 7.30am, I did my fi­nal checks and by 8.30am, the Boss (my wife) and kids ar­rived at the same time as Sol­ware. When reg­is­ter­ing, peo­ple picked a spe­cial UBCde­signed raf­fle spoon, num­bered to give mem­bers the chance to win one of the Umarex Berettas, and were then free to use all the set-ups and tar­gets avail­able. Jim kindly manned the gun and spoon race as the ‘spot­ter’ and this was a big hit. Ev­ery­one liked be­ing di­rected to the tar­get, and hear­ing the ‘ding’ as the pel­let struck the metal spoon. Later in the day, my wife did the spot­ting for my son, “Right then, go left … No, not right, left!” It was quite funny to watch. I had a go at the speed chal­lenge pa­per tar­get, and com­pletely fluffed it – tried again, fluffed it, and the ban­ter started. I com­posed my­self, slowed down my tech­nique and then man­aged the fastest time of the day. On to the three gun chal­lenge; the CP99 broke ear­lier on in the day, so I had to use my RWS225 in­stead and man­aged to save the hostage, ‘Soli­taire’, in Live and Let Die.


In the ri­fle sec­tion, we used the Winch­ester lever-ac­tion and the tar­gets were set out on a frame, with the ‘spit­toon’ as the stop plate on the floor. Two sets of pic­ture cards were placed on the ta­ble, the se­quence de­ter­mined the or­der in which I shot them, and I had to shoot both sets as fast as I could.

Fi­nally, the shot­gun sec­tion: I al­ready had metal Ter­mi­na­tor face plates, but also printed out body shapes to stick onto cor­ru­gated plas­tic – a ‘ding’ for a plate hit, and a ‘whack’ for a body.

I then did the three-gun chal­lenge all in one go. Boy, was that fun!

There was only one score card on the day, for the An­niver­sary tar­get to win the Walther ri­fle. I used my HW45, the first gun out of my gun bag, picked my tar­get seg­ments and hoped for the best.

I didn’t get the chance to have a go on the can-shoot­ing set-up, but peo­ple did ask me where I got them from.


Once the An­niver­sary score­cards were in, ev­ery­one re­ceived a slice – or two – of the tra­di­tional UBC cake, and With the help of my four-year-old grand­daugh­ter, Holly, we called out the prize num­bers. John Bed­ford won the Beretta 92 from the raf­fle spoon, and Luke de Alderi won an­other Beretta 92 in a sep­a­rate raf­fle of mem­bers’ do­nated prizes.

Kevin Cud­more won the Walther ri­fle and will be do­ing a re­view soon. I thanked ev­ery­one for com­ing, and then Pat Banister pre­sented me with my own wooden spoon for the hard work that I do for the UBC. It brought me to tears – although I claimed there was dust in my eyes.


Ev­ery­one en­joyed them­selves and liked the set-ups, es­pe­cially the gun and spoon race, which of course makes it all worth­while!

Watch out! Kid-size Ter­mi­na­tors are com­ing!

This was our UBC meet pack header. Our unique Umarex pis­tol.

Gr8­fun and Cus­tom Tar­gets – can­tas­tic!

Gun and spoon race set-up.

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