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Strange how life has its twists and turns. We all know how hard it is to find per­mis­sions. I’m lucky – I have two lovely shoots.

The other day, a young lady gar­dener came over to do a lit­tle job for me. She no­ticed my bird feed­ers and asked if this caused a rat prob­lem .

“Not any­more,” I said, and ex­plained that I shot the rats that turned up, but had not seen any lately.

That evening I re­ceived a mes­sage from a lo­cal farmer, who turned out to be the young gar­dener’s mum. She asked it I could go and have a chat about a ver­min prob­lem they have. The up­shot is, I now have an­other per­mis­sion. This one is to clear rats, rab­bits, crows, rooks, wood­ies and foxes. Al­most a full house.

I’m now a happy bunny – for­give the pun. RON WIN­TER

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