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I am com­pletely in­trigued. Hav­ing re­ceived the Au­gust edi­tion on the door­mat the other day, I no­ticed Phil has that bit of kit on top of his scope again, in the Hard­man’s Way – Static Hunt­ing ar­ti­cle. Is it a rangefinder or some sort of red-dot sys­tem?

Also, both Phil and Mick al­ways have the sun­shade ex­ten­sion fixed to their scopes, and Phil doesn’t use the screw-on lens pro­tec­tors. The other day, a pi­geon spot­ted me through my hide when I moved the gun into po­si­tion and I won­dered whether a re­flec­tion had come off the lens scope, and I am now think­ing the sun­shade might pre­vent this from hap­pen­ing? I would be most grate­ful for a re­sponse, please. RALPH

Mick’s re­ply:

1. The pi­geons have great eye­sight and would de­tect any ab­nor­mal move­ment along with any flash of re­flected light from the scope. I deal with this with very slow and de­lib­er­ate move­ments, al­most mim­ick­ing the move­ment around me from fo­liage mov­ing in the breeze. The longer sun­shade helps tremen­dously with pre­vent­ing sun­light get­ting to the lens, too.

Hope this is of as­sis­tance and, as al­ways, happy to help a fel­low shooter. - Mick

Phil Hard­man replies: It’s an ATN shot track, HD cam­era, that I used for the YouTube videos that I’m too lazy to re­move! I keep my sun­shade on to pro­tect my scope lens from dirt and rain – although cut­ting down on re­flec­tions is handy, too.

- Phil

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