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I’m re­ally en­joy­ing Air­gun World these days. I re­ally think you have the mix al­most right. It’s great that you do not sit on your lau­rels and are con­stantly look­ing to im­prove. This is now the only air­gun mag­a­zine I have on sub­scrip­tion.

I say ‘al­most right’ be­cause I think this month you have com­mit­ted the car­di­nal sin of not ac­tu­ally con­tain­ing a ri­fle re­view. I ex­pect to see one in ev­ery edi­tion! A re­view of gun pack­ages was not the same; after all, you did not ac­tu­ally re­view them in the way you would nor­mally con­duct a re­view on the gun.

I do have a sug­ges­tion for the mag­a­zine: I’d like to fol­low on the theme from the Lyme disease cov­er­age. I’ve been eaten alive by mozzies on a num­ber of oc­ca­sions, not to men­tion the post-suf­fer­ing. How do your con­trib­u­tors man­age this is­sue? Please share their best prac­tice, which sprays/creams or elec­tronic means do they use to pro­tect them­selves out there, and when they do get bit­ten – as they ul­ti­mately will – how do they man­age it post-bite? DAVID


I owe you a huge apol­ogy. I should have fin­ished read­ing the mag­a­zine first. I thought you had re­placed a gun re­view with the com­plete pack­age re­view. I should have known bet­ter. You were com­plet­ing the Webley Mas­tiff re­view – speak­ing of which, more on oil­ing the stock, please. How about an ar­ti­cle? DAVID

No need for any apol­ogy, David, and thanks for the kind words. As for mozzies, I bet our read­ers have plenty of ideas they’ll share next month. Oil­ing stocks, eh? Great sug­ges­tion. I’m sure Pete Evans will re­veal his meth­ods for us. Watch out for that one! - Ed

David would like to see an ar­ti­cle on how best to oil a gun­stock. We think that’s a great idea.

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