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It al­ways amazes me when I see peo­ple write on air­gun fo­rums, ‘Why would you buy an ex­pen­sive ri­fle then put a cheap scope on it?’ and then, in the same con­text, they’ll rec­om­mend oil­ing the stock of their ex­pen­sive ri­fle with wal­nut oil from Tesco. Wal­nut oil from Tesco is for putting on your salad, not your ri­fle stock. Wal­nut oil in its raw state will not dry and re­mains in a tacky state in the wood. I have al­ways used English Wal­nut Oil Prepa­ra­tion made by Phillips Game Tech­nol­ogy. I quote: ‘ … which has been pro­cessed and chem­i­cally blended with spe­cial dry­ers and sealants to pro­duce a pol­ish­ing oil which is ab­sorbed by the wood, seals and dries to a per­fect fin­ish.’ It also does a great job of bring­ing out and en­hanc­ing the grain.

Wal­nut stocks need wal­nut oil, says Philip Gander. Any­one dis­agree?

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