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I now live in the Mid­dle East, but when­ever I come back home to the UK – twice a year – I pur­chase a copy of Air­gun World. In the Au­gust edi­tion, I was thrilled to see fea­tures on two air­guns I owned when I was grow­ing up in the ‘80s – The Har­ri­son GAT and the BSA Light­ning. The GAT was my first air­gun (like so many oth­ers!) and I put thou­sands of pel­lets through it. In­ter­est­ingly, I used to load it by putting the pel­let in back­wards and ram­ming it down the bar­rel with the rod sup­plied. Only years later did I re­alise that I was sup­posed to un­screw the bolt on the back and load the pel­let in for­wards. How­ever, no re­grets – my way of load­ing was much faster and I no­ticed no lack of ac­cu­racy or power by ram­ming the pel­let in back­wards.

Con­cern­ing my BSA Light­ning – that was a real joy to shoot un­til one day my older brother pulled the trig­ger whilst the gun was cocked open and that was it. It slammed closed and the bar­rel was bent, ru­ined in a sec­ond. My sis­ter-in-law did a sim­i­lar thing with my BSA Mag­num and broke that, as well.

Dur­ing the ‘80s, I owned many air­guns that I’m sure some read­ers will fondly re­mem­ber; the Pan­ther, Pan­ther De-Luxe, BSA Mag­num, Cros­man Medal­ist, Walther P88 in CO2 were among my favourites.

I’d like to fin­ish by telling you that in my se­cu­rity pro­fes­sion I carry a 9mm Smith and Wes­son M and P pis­tol 24/7, and train reg­u­larly on the fir­ing range with some of the finest spe­cial forces op­er­a­tors in the world. There is ab­so­lutely no doubt in my mind that all my years of prac­tice with air pis­tols in the UK pro­vided me with the most solid back­ground for shoot­ing real firearms skill­fully and com­pe­tently – ex­pe­ri­ence that is en­vied by my spe­cial forces mates on the range. In­deed, I feel there is no dif­fer­ence in shoot­ing an air pis­tol or shoot­ing the first shot of a hand­gun, as far as ac­cu­racy and skill is in­volved. If you hold the hand­gun as tightly as you do when shoot­ing an air­gun, you won’t even no­tice the re­coil. If you’re good with an air­gun, no doubt you’ll be just as good with the first shot of a real firearm. Thanks for your great mag!

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