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Re­gard­ing Clive Wil­liams’ let­ter re­gard­ing age and en­thu­si­asm, I am 68 and as keen as ever to put my boots on and go hunt­ing or fish­ing. I don’t care if it’s with my 12 ft.lbs. air ri­fles or my shot­gun, with my mad lit­tle cocker spaniel. I love it all and I still climb farm gates, al­though not as nim­bly as I once did.

As a mat­ter of in­ter­est, I was chat­ting to a chap in my newsagent who still hunts at 82, so I would say to Clive, ‘Don’t use age as a yard­stick. Put your boots on, but choose your day weather-wise.’ I hope we haven’t started a con­test on who is the old­est hunter, be­cause we would both lose. BARRY ROONEY

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