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Be­ing a 1911 fan, I am al­ways in­ter­ested to read your air pis­tol re­views, es­pe­cially the one by Phill Price in the Septem­ber 2018 is­sue of Air­gun World, en­ti­tled ‘Af­ter­noon De­light!’, which fea­tured the Gletcher PM 1951. At the end of the ar­ti­cle, Phill men­tioned that he had used cop­per-coated lead BBs, and al­though an opened tin was shown in the open­ing pho­to­graph, there was no in­di­ca­tion of which brand or size they were. I am as­sum­ing that th­ese were H&N Ex­cite Smart Shot BBs, or pos­si­bly We­b­ley Ac­cuBBs, both of which have been known to cause ‘jams’ in some CO2 pis­tols, in­clud­ing my Umarex Colt 1911, al­though he did men­tion that the ones he had used cy­cled per­fectly in the Gletcher.

An al­ter­na­tive, which ap­pears to be only avail­able from Voymir, is the H&N ‘Pre­ci­sion’ range, (­martshot-bb-air­gun-pel­lets-cal-177-500pcs. html) of­fered in a va­ri­ety of di­am­e­ters, namely 4.30mm, 4.35mm, 4.40mm, 4.45mm, 4.50mm, 4.52mm and 4.54mm, all in 500 pcs tins at £10 each, al­though not all of th­ese are cur­rently in stock.

How­ever, I have read that steel BBs, al­though quoted at .177 or 4.5mm di­am­e­ter, are ac­tu­ally quite a bit smaller than this at just 4.4mm, and in­deed my 1911 is more than happy with steel ones.

As I tend to con­cen­trate on in­door tar­get shoot­ing, I would ob­vi­ously pre­fer to use lead-cored ones, to min­imise the risk of ric­o­chet, even though they do ap­pear to be a bit heav­ier – and more ex­pen­sive – than the steel al­ter­na­tives. Per­haps you might con­sider an ar­ti­cle on this sub­ject in a fu­ture edi­tion of Air­gun World, but in the mean­time, I am tempted to try one of the smaller sizes, pos­si­bly 4.4mm be­cause I have found that their 4.52mm are ap­par­ently too large for my Colt 1911.

Sorry for the rather long email, but I do think that this is a sub­ject which would be of great in­ter­est to the ever-grow­ing num­bers of CO2 pis­tol own­ers, many of whom would like to learn a lot more about which ‘am­mu­ni­tion’ they should be us­ing in their pis­tol.

Yes David, those BBs were, in­deed, Ex­cite Smart Shot from H&N, and our res­i­dent pis­tol en­thu­si­ast, Phill Price, rates them ex­tremely highly.

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