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The editor en­joys his first ex­pe­ri­ence of a tar­get sprint com­pe­ti­tion

It’s been an up­lift­ing month for me, as you’ll see when you turn to page 38 of this is­sue, where I give my thoughts on the rapid­lye­merg­ing sport of tar­get sprint. Those thoughts are im­mensely pos­i­tive, too, and that pos­i­tiv­ity be­gan on a re­cent Fri­day morn­ing, when I hap­pened to be sit­ting in my man cave, writ­ing, and the BBC morn­ing TV news showed peo­ple shoot­ing air­guns.

My hand in­stic­tively reached for the re­mote con­trol and I sent the TV vol­ume rock­et­ing, fully ex­pect­ing an­other ill-re­searched hatchet job, but it was noth­ing of the sort. The re­port con­cerned a forth­com­ing tar­get sprint event, and it was en­tirely pos­i­tive; the re­porter even had a go, and ended by say­ing there would be an­other re­port in the news the next morn­ing! Amaz­ing. I re­ally had to find out more about this.


I knew Air Arms was the ma­jor spon­sor of tar­get sprint, so I phoned its MD, Claire West, who’d also seen the TV news broad­cast, and she in­vited me along to the event where the re­port had been filmed. Two days later, there I was, along with Dave Wel­ham and Mark Camoc­cio, my shoot­ing friends I’ve known for the best part of 30 years, and we all agreed we were wit­ness­ing some­thing very spe­cial. We’d been in at the start of field tar­get shoot­ing, and the three of us in­stantly recog­nised the en­ergy and en­joy­ment we saw at that tar­get sprint event. It was a fine thing to see, and it I drove the hun­dred miles home with a con­tented smile on my face.

Tar­get sprint can be pretty much what­ever it wants to be, in­clud­ing a full Olympic sport, and ev­ery­one at this mag­a­zine wishes it well. When the main­stream me­dia re­ports pos­i­tively on shoot­ing, and on air­guns in par­tic­u­lar, you know some­one’s do­ing some­thing right. Long may that con­tinue.


On a slightly less pos­i­tive note, I’m un­der at­tack on the letters page from a chap with whom I’ve had many a good con­ver­sa­tion, dur­ing which we agree on most things, air­gun­wise at least. Not this time, though. I’m be­ing ac­cused of con­vert­ing to ‘the dark side’, due to my con­fes­sion last month that I ac­tu­ally see the value of some of the ‘tac­ti­cal’ ri­fles I’ve tested over the past few years. I’d like to know your thoughts on this, and please don’t spare my blushes – as if you would – be­cause this mag­a­zine ex­ists to serve its read­er­ship and the best way for us to do that is for you to com­mu­ni­cate di­rectly your thoughts and feel­ings.

From study­ing your re­sponses to our read­er­ship sur­vey, I know that plenty of you own so-called tac­ti­cal air ri­fles, but it’s not just their fans we want to hear from. Air­gun World seeks to cater for as many air­gun­ners as pos­si­ble, so please let us have your opin­ions on this, and any sub­ject about which you feel strongly.

That’ll do from me this month. Have a great time out in that au­tum­nal air, and I’ll see you in the De­cem­ber is­sue. De­cem­ber? Blimey, where has that year gone!

All the best.

Tar­get sprint. We shouted and cheered be­cause it made us ex­cited.


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